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Tesco is one of the UK’s leading employers, currently providing jobs to over 354,000 people across the country. Rapid expansion plans are underway which will see this number increase annually. Whether you are fresh from school or college or looking to change career direction, Tesco could be the ideal employer for you thanks to the huge diversity of positions available. The retail giant always adds more Tesco jobs every day so let’s learn more about the job application process.

Why is Tesco right for me?

Tesco operates over 4074 stores throughout the UK, so the chances are there is a store near you. Each store operates like a small community, where diverse arrays of jobs are required to ensure it operates smoothly and profitably. Low-skilled workers are just as important as senior managers and each role is treated with a high level of respect and recognition. Tesco has been and is continuing to expand rapidly, not only in the UK but throughout the world meaning that job vacancies are always becoming available and recruitment is a year-round activity.

After recognising changes in consumer demand and shopping patterns Tesco is not simply a 9-5 grocer. Many stores are open around the clock (providing great opportunities for night work and shift work) and they offer anything, from electrical to clothing and more. Home shopping is also increasingly popular and this has seen an increase in Tesco drivers and warehouse operatives.

It would be unwise to think that Tesco can only offer low-paid “shelf stacking” type roles. Tesco pays very competitive rates of pay and offers all their staff real chances of career progression and good training schemes. This is perhaps why Tesco graduate roles are amongst the most coveted with new university graduates, who recognise that they can build a really solid, successful career with a company like Tesco.



• 10% discount card.

• A subsidised canteen providing a variety of hot and cold food options.

• Fixed shift patterns so you know when you’re working

Tesco Store Roles

There are a vast range of store-level job opportunities available in Tesco stores throughout the UK. The most popular roles include Customer Service Assistants, Check-Out Operatives, Stock Replenishment, Warehousing and Catering. Additionally, job opportunities also exist for skilled individuals in sectors such as baking, butchery and fishmongers. The majority of these roles are customer-facing, meaning that Tesco will seek to recruit articulate, well-mannered people for these particular jobs.

If your local store operates on a 24 hour basis then in addition to the traditional 9-5 jobs you may find that the store is looking to recruit people to work early or late shifts. Do not discount these vacancies; many people find they can better fit in work and their family life by not working 9-5. Many of the job vacancies will be advertised on a full-time basis, but like all other supermarkets, Tesco does offer part-time work to suitable applicants. Seasonal jobs are also popular, especially in the run-up to the peak trading months around Christmas and the New Year.

Tesco Management Opportunities

Every store requires a strong management team to ensure it runs correctly. Tesco employs Section Managers who are responsible for a specific product category. Pharmacy Managers who can run the in-store pharmacy are also required. Then there are Personnel, Night-Shift and Logistics Managers, all performing a range of important duties. To oversee the operation Tesco will employ one or two general store managers, depending upon the size of the store.

All management job vacancies are advertised on the Tesco website and submissions are then made online.

If your application is of interest, you will be asked to go to the Tesco Management Assessment Centre in Central London. A dedicated team there will then decide if you are suitable material for the company.

Tesco Head Office Roles

A leading retailer like Tesco needs a head office which operates as a central function to provide support in all aspects of the business. Head office jobs are available in functions such as:

  • Finance
  • Purchasing and Merchandising
  • Supply Chain
  • IT
  • Personnel
  • Marketing and PR
  • Property Management

You will find many of these positions in either the Cheshunt office, located just a short distance from central London or the office at Welwyn Garden City.

If you’re looking for work and are interested in the roles described in this article, why not visit the Total-Jobs website where you can browse through a variety of available Tesco Jobs?

Tesco Graduates

Tesco is a leading graduate employer. To recognise the diversity requires Tesco offers fifteen different graduate schemes in all management disciplines. These programmes are centred on three key areas; store level, head office and distribution. They are designed to courage the best candidates to excel in one or even more than one field, as they gain an insight into how the company operates as a whole.

How to apply

As you know already you can not apply for a Tesco job with a printed CV or application form. It’s much easier to apply online anyway. Visit and start searching for your dream job.

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