Top Reasons and Tips for Sending a Follow Up Cover Letter

If you have gone to the trouble of writing a good covering letter to go with your CV when you are applying for a job then it is very disappointing when you don’t hear back from a company. There could be many reasons why you have not heard back from them so do not feel disheartened just yet, it may be time to take action instead and send them a follow up covering letter.

Gets your name in front of an employer again

If you send your letter again it gets your name in front of them again which is no bad thing in a recruitment process, it could bring your name to the top of the list again if they have had high volume applications.

Ensure that you make your letter slightly different to the first

Don’t just send the same letter as that looks like you forgot if you have sent it before but make a point of referring that you sent a letter in on what date and understand that they are very busy but wanted to ensure that they had seen the original application.

Reiterates that you are interested in their company

It shows that you are really keen to join their business and that you haven’t just forgotten about them as you have not heard back and you are interested enough to want to contact them again.

Tailor the cover letter to the job advert

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Make sure that you have tailored your letter to any job advert that you have seen so that they understand you have read and know about the role they are looking for.

They may have had a lot of applications and been unable to get through them all

You may not have heard back because of the volume of applications they have had and it is taking them a while to get through their responses and inviting people for an interview, don’t be disheartened until you hear from them. It is worth bearing in mind that not all companies do contact you if you have not been successful so it might be an idea to find out if they do. See the job advert in detail it may say on there.

Make sure you do leave a follow up letter till a few weeks after the closing date

Don’t just wait a few days then send a follow up letter. Wait for the end of the closing date and a week or so after to allow the company to consider the applications that they have received and so it doesn’t look like you are jumping the gun and being impatient by not allowing the end date to be completed.

Add more company info into your follow up letter

By adding more company information in from further research shows the company that since you sent in your original application you have still done more research into their business and the role that they have available.

Ensure you contact details are on your covering letter clearly

By making sure that you put your contact details such as email and telephone numbers on the covering letter, it allows the employer to find your details quickly without having to route through the CV.
Include any written references.

If you have any previous employment references in writing, you could perhaps enclose this with your follow up letter and CV to say in addition to the information that you previously provided please find enclosed a written reference which demonstrates your skills and experience as detailed in your CV.

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You genuinely want the job

If this is genuinely the job that you are wanting to do then even more reason to follow up any applications you have submitted. Some people apply for jobs constantly where as others are more detailed in their search and if this is something that you really want to do then it’s an idea to demonstrate this to the company so they are aware of your keen interest.

Look at who works there if you can

Whilst doing your research try and find out who works there in what kind of roles and try to demonstrate how you feel you are similar and could fit it well there. It will show that you have done all you can to look into their company and get a good feel for it.

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