Sales Cover Letter Examples for Job Applications 2021

A cover letter needs to be sent to the employers along with your CV or online application. Cover letters are still the best way to provide more information about yourself to the employer. You can also let the recruiter know about the things that you have forgotten to provide during the job application.

Recruiters usually read the application emails first even before the CVs.

You will need to be careful when writing a job application covering letters. There are a few things that you should take extra care of.

  •  Make sure that your letter is spelling and grammatical mistakes free.

It’s easy to write a letter without errors. Even if you can’t do that you can always ask one of your friends to proofread your writing. One of your family members will also happily help you out with proofreading.

  •  Is your application letter relevant?

We can’t stress this enough. Your skills and work experience has to be relevant to the job you are applying to.

  •  Never talk negative

You can’t really mention the things that you failed to do. It’s in your best benefit to only talk about your achievements.

  •  Address it to the right person

You will need to address your letter or email to the right person. If X person is dealing with your application you can’t write it to Y person.

  •  Keep your email short and nice

The company you are applying for must be getting many applications already. The person who is dealing with your application must be reading hundreds of emails a day so he or she won’t appreciate a very long email from you.

Focus on your skills and work experience and what you could bring to the company.


#1 Field Sales Manager Cover Letter

If you have a proven track record in sales and are looking for a role that involves being on the road and travelling an area or patch then this might be the right job for you…

field sales manager cover letter

#2 Field Sales Executive Cover Letter

If you have been working in Field Sales and are maybe looking for the next step up as an Executive then you will need to be able to demonstrate a proven track…

field sales executive cover letter

#3 Sales Ledger Cover Letter

If you want to work within Sales Ledger then you will have a background in Accounts and be responsible for looking after all the invoices for a business which are payable…

Sales Ledger Cover Letter
#4 Sales Consultant Cover Letter

To work as a Sales Consultant you will enjoy selling and dealing with the general public. Usually, this type of role works in a shop setting dealing with the general public coming to buy whatever the store sells.

sales consultant cover letter

#5 Telesales Cover Letter

If you have found a role in Telesales that you would like to apply for then you will know that a role in Telesales is target orientated and a role where you will spend the majority of your time on the telephone…

telesales cover letter

#6 Salesperson Cover Letter

If you have seen a role as a Salesperson that you would like to apply for, then you will have an idea about a sales role and depending on the environment, is it based somewhere

salesperson cover letter

#7 Sales Representative Cover Letter

If you are interested in a sales role, then being a sales representative may be an ideal position for you. You will represent the company you work for in a sales capacity, selling products or services to customers…

Sales Representative Cover Letter

#8 Sales Associate Cover Letter

If you are ready to apply for a Sales Associate role then ensure that you have the relevant skills that match the job description. The role of a Sales Associate is one of a cashier type role so you will have to have experience…

Sales Associate Cover Letter

#9 Sales Account Cover Letter

If you are interested in sales and enjoy talking to people, working on sales accounts may be the right move for you. In this role, you will look after, run and manage various sales accounts which require you…

Sales Account Cover Letter

#10 Sales Support Cover Letter

If you are Sales orientated then providing support in a sales environment may be the ideal job. In this role, you will work with clients in a sales department…

Sales Support Cover Letter

#11 Media Sales Cover Letter

If you are looking at a role as a Media Salesperson then you will need to be an outgoing person who enjoys selling as this role involves selling media space and negotiating on prices etc…

Media Sales Cover Letter

#12 IT Sales Cover Letter

If you have seen a role for an IT Salesperson that you are interested in applying for, then you should have some experience of both IT and also preferably combined with…


#13 Sales Assistant Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter for a Sales Assistant job. The role of a Sales assistant includes being at the frontline of a fast-paced sector where no two days are ever the same…

Sales Assistant Cover Letter

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