Jamie Rowe

Jamie Rowe

Hi. I, Jamie, hold a BSc in Management from the University of Manchester, where I specialised in Human Resource Management through my MSc. I’ve completed several industry certifications in recruitment and career coaching, including the CDI Certificate for Career Coaching and the QCF Level 6 Diploma (CDI) in Career Guidance.

My Qualification

I've completed my B.Sc in Management from University of Manchester where I specialised in Human Resource Management through my M.Sc

My Expertise

As a recruiter and CV writing consultant, I deeply understand the retail industry and the skills needed to succeed therein. My work has helped many clients identify their strengths and craft precise, compelling CVs that stand out to hiring managers in the retail sector. I’ve conducted seminars and workshops on career/interview coaching and job search strategy development.

My Experience

My over 12 years in recruitment and career coaching in retail have allowed me to work with both large corporations and small businesses to help them find top talent and streamline their internal recruitment processes. In addition, I’ve helped countless individuals land their dream jobs in retail, from entry-level positions to senior management roles.

My Projects

I’ve spearheaded several successful recruitment projects, including large-scale hiring campaigns for major retailers (Asda Stores, Carpetright) and bespoke recruitment solutions for niche retail businesses (Lunson Mitchenall). I’ve worked on numerous CV writing and interview coaching projects, helping clients and individuals to stand out from the competition, secure their desired roles and achieve business goals.

My Publications


I specialise in retail. My inputs in CV writing, career coaching and  career development in retail have made me a trusted advisor to both job seekers and employers. What can I do for you now?