Sales Consultant Job Description

A Sales Consultant must be self-motivated and passionate about what they do, with a proven track record in sales.

Entry Requirements

There is no fixed route to becoming a Sales Consultant, but many have a Bachelor’s degree in a field such as Marketing or Communications. Experience will be key for Sales Consultants, as this is mainly a customer facing position and for many new customers the Sales Consultant will be the first contact made with your company. You will therefore be representing your organisation and this is a position of responsibility. Experience in selling, describing products and services, negotiating and customer service will be key.

Job Description

Sales Consultants work closely with customers from the start to the completion of the sales process, acting as their main point of contact from initial contact through to contract finalisation. As a Sales Consultant, you will have expert knowledge about your company’s products and/or services and should be able to answer any queries they may have so that they have confidence in buying from you. Sales Consultants network a lot and attend events to attract new business, often meeting with potential clients at their premises to start the sales process and negotiate deals. A Sales Consultant also devices new sales strategies, working with senior managers to agree them. A Sales Consultant will keep up to date with the latest product information and will therefore attend all key internal meetings and read company literature to become familiar with new products. In this position you will make calls, appointments and meetings with clients and colleagues. Related: Sales Consultant Cover Letter

Working Hours

The working hours of a Sales Consultant will be dictated by the company but will usually involve working a minimum of 35 hours per week Monday to Friday. In practise, the working hours will be more than this as Sales Consultants are expected to attend various marketing fairs and events to attract new business and new customers.

Skills and Training Development

You must be familiar with web marketing and how to use different marketing materials, and must be an excellent communicator. A good Sales Consultant will be an excellent provider of customer service and must have the ability to absorb and remember complex information. There will be opportunities for promotion to Sales Executive and various other positions such as Senior Sales Executive or Area Sales Team Leader. The position of Sales Consultant is very transferable because almost all companies have sales departments, so the possibilities for working in different industries are definitely there.


The starting salary for a Sales Consultant with minimal experience will be around £15,000 plus the opportunity to earn performance related bonuses. An experienced Sales Consultant can expect to earn around £30,000 to £40,000 a year plus bonuses.

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