How to Find Christmas Jobs in 2021

Christmas jobs are the ones that you could start as temporary and turn it into a permanent one however you will need to show the employers

that you are worth it. Work hard, create a network, build good relationships with your colleagues and the rest will follow. Nothing is guaranteed but you are much more likely to receive a permanent job offer if you demonstrate you are a reliable employee.

Christmas jobs 2020
Christmas Jobs 2020

At the end of the Furlough scheme we find ourselves in a big unemployment crisis. Millions of people are out of work. Many are currently searching for a job, and those that aren’t job seekers are not spending excessively as they would have in previous years so the economy is not growing. It’s not easy to find a permanent job as there are not many vacancies available. The average job ad receives thousands of applications which makes it much harder than ever before to secure an interview let alone securing the job.


Ok then, what Christmas Jobs are available in the UK in 2020? There are retail giants that expect an increased demand and advertise thousands of Xmas jobs every year. Lets list some of the biggest ones:

Tesco Christmas Jobs 2020

Tesco are recruiting thousands of festive colleagues this year in 2020. Most of the festive positions are part time and temporary however they are great way to take a step into Tesco. Once you are working there it’s easier to apply for any other permanent jobs or for your temporary contract to be extended.

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Amazon Christmas Jobs 2020

Amazon is now one of the biggest employers in the UK. Amazon is offering thousands of Christmas vacancies for you to apply. Most of those positions are temporary delivery drivers however it’s nearly 100% likely that reliable temporary employees have their contract turned into permanent. The online retail giant is always looking for delivery drivers. Once you have your job it is easier to apply for other positions like warehouse operatives.

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Boots Christmas Jobs 2020

Its the easiest way to take your first steps into a company is starting from a part time, temporary position. Boots has many opportunities at the moment on their career website. Their temp vacancies are mostly titled under Customer Advisor roles. Once you are in that role and if you work hard and show that you are a worthy candidate to be offered a permanent role then you have a much better chance than external candidates.

Application process for Customer Advisor roles are pretty straight forward. You will have to pass the online stages of the application then attend an online interview through Teams.

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M&S Christmas Jobs 2020

Marks and Spencer stores are much busier in both their food outlets and clothing during this time of year so they need to increase the volume of staff. You can turn your temporary job into a permanent one easily. All you need to do is have excellent customer service and show interest towards it. Work as hard as you can with passion. Ask questions when you need to, build good relationships with your colleagues and the rest will follow. M&S Xmas jobs usually start being advertised on the job sites at the beginning of the September. You are not too late though, there are still many vacancies available.

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Aldi Christmas Jobs 2020

Aldi is one of the most popular supermarket chains in the UK. Originally having a stronghold in the North of England, today, you can see Aldi stores anywhere in the UK. Most of these stores are regularly recruiting more staff just like you. The application process for an Aldi job is very straight forward. Find your dream Aldi job and click to apply. You will need to pass ATS (Application Tracking System) which is basically a computer software that looks for specific good and bad keywords.

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Lidl Christmas Jobs 2020

Lidl has nearly a thousand stores across the UK with over 50,000 employees. You can check out Lidl Christmas jobs on their careers website. There are various types of vacancies within the Lidl stores and warehouses from checkout operators to forklift operatives. Lidl is currently looking for area managers, store managers, floor assistants and warehouse operatives.

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Royal Mail Christmas Jobs 2020

Royal Mail is one of the biggest employers in the UK when it come to recruiting for Christmas. Royal Mail Christmas jobs are available across the country in 2020 too. These jobs are mostly post delivering and mail sorting types of jobs. You will have to have a clean driving licence in order to apply post man and post woman positions.

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Asda Christmas Jobs 2020

The supermarket giant was recently sold to UK business men and became British again and is also recruiting thousands for the busy Christmas period. The company already advertised their temporary vacancies and accepting applications. Many people who started work as a seasonal job at Asda turned their employment into permanent.

Upload your CV nowApply for the Asda Xmas Jobs 2020

These are not the only companies seeking extra staff either in store or for their online delivery processing during the 2020 Christmas period. Make sure your online job search includes companies such as Sainsbury’s, Debenhams, Argos, Next, Wilkinsons, Sports Direct, Homebase, WH Smiths and other high street stores and cafes.

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