What To Do In Lockdown To Make Money?

We are in a full lockdown in the UK at the moment for a month or more. No one knows exactly when this Lockdown 2 will end in the UK. It all depends on the numbers! If we can reduce the rate of R, shown by reviewing the number of new positive cases and hospital admissions then Lockdown 2 will be eased. Don’t expect to go back to pre-covid times straight away though. You will have to wait for the summer for the wider freedom.

What to do in lockdown to make money?
What to do in lockdown to make money?

What to do to make money while sitting on your sofa scrolling down on Twitter, Facebook or whatever your favourite social media platform?


What to do in lockdown to make money?

#1 Why don’t you get your creative side to work and start copywriting for websites?

“I can write but where will I find customers?”

There are websites like and PeoplePerHour. Register yourself for free and start advertising for free too! You can also bid on projects. You can make £££ depending on your writing skills.

#2 Are you good at Photoshop? Yes, then you can make logos, flyers, editing etc…

Don’t use your Photoshop skills to entertain your Facebook followers for a like but use it for £££. There are many people out there looking for talented designers to make them logos, flyers, prices lists, websites etc.

#3 Become a Social Media Manager?

Sounds good? Don’t worry about experience as you have got a lot. All that time you have managed your own social media account for your thousands of followers including your family members. Remember all those tricks you are doing to get likes? Just apply similar methods for that business that you will try to grow.

Remember the times you have seen all that advertising, promotion posts that you have seen when you’re scrolling down meaninglessly?

Don’t be shy! Anyone with a little bit of English can do that job.

#4 Selling on Social Media?

You can sell anything on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if you just make a few extra contacts. You probably have seen one of your Facebook friends trying to sell you something? It does need time and effort and being extra nice to people but haven’t you got all the time you need during this Lockdown?

There is no limit to what you can sell on Facebook and all other social media platforms. From clothing to kitchen essentials, from foods to hand made stuff.

#5 Good old surveys. Have you got some time to answer some questions?

Yes you have all the time you need. Stop liking rubbish posts that your friends / family posted or stop laughing at cat videos and make some money.

Just Google “paid surveys” and check them all out to find one that everyone agrees that it is a decent company to work for. Don’t be scammed. Read the reviews before starting to fill out all those forms.

#6 You can find a job to work from home.

Lots of admin jobs, call centres, secretarial types of roles are available on your favourite job site. Try or CV-Library or the one that you usually turn to. (However, if you are using only 1 job site maybe that’s why you are still looking for a job).

#7 Have you got money to waste?

If you have got money to waste then why not play with the London Stock Exchange? Remember crisis means opportunities. There are many valuable stocks at their lowest prices at the moment. Invest in them. Buy and forget until the Vaccines arrive here. Talking of vaccines, don’t go anywhere near the medicine stocks especially the ones dealing with Vaccines as prices for these are at an all time high!

Have you got a better idea to raise money during Lockdown 2 in the UK? Let us know by using the comment form below.

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