Elise Griffin

Hello. I’m Elise Griffin, a highly experienced UK-based career coach. My years of honing my skills as a career coach have helped individuals discover and try to reach their true potential. I’m now with ICOVER, a leading UK-based provider of quality career coaching services.

My Qualification

I did my degree in psychology from the University of Bristol and an MSc in HRM and industrial relations from the University of Manchester (Alliance Manchester Business School). Also, I’m a certified career coach (CPD Certification), having completed specialised training in career development and counseling.

My Expertise

As an expert career coach, I have acquired a strong knowledge of the UK job market and know the skills needed to succeed across industries. I help my clients identify their strengths and interests and then use that information to develop effective career pathways for employees.

My Experience

My 15 years as a career coach have allowed me to work with personnel across backgrounds and industries. I’ve diligently helped individuals, from recent graduates to senior executives, at all stages of their careers, building and fortifying my track record of success.

My Projects

All through my career, I’ve led and implemented various projects in career coaching and development. My many workshops and training sessions cover resume writing, interviewing skills, handling work pressure and the like. I’ve developed bespoke career plans for clients based on their needs and time-bound goals.

My Publications


Thanks for being here. Career coaching to help individuals discover their true calling is tough but satisfying. My know-how is transforming lives. My expertise and relentless dedication have helped umpteen clients succeed in their careers. I’ve found my true calling and will thus continue to be a trusted career advisor and coach to individuals keen on truly advancing their careers. Do reach me if you need to discover your true calling.