Dentist Assistant Cover Letter Example

To become a Dental Assistant it is usual to find a dentist practice first that wants you to train on the job. Once you have found this role then you can

begin as a Dental Assistant and find a course usually in the evenings or one night a week from work whilst training and learning on the job.

If you have seen an advert for this kind of role have you thought why it is you want to get into Dentistry? What appeals to you? What qualities do you think you could bring to the dentists practice etc? You need to think about all those things before you start with your application. If you are ready to write your covering letter to go with your CV, please see the below example. 

Cover Letter for Dental Assistant

Dear Sir/Madam,

Application for a Dental Assistant

I have seen your advert in (where) and (when) looking for a Dental Assistant and I would be very interested to apply.

I have always been interested in Dentistry and thought that the role of a Dental assistant would be very interesting and having done some work experience in working with others in a similar assistant type environment, I would like to now learn all about dentistry and begin a career as a Dentist Assistant. I have seen many people looking for a support worker job. If you are one, contact our experts for writing your support worker cover letter.

I have a very calm and patient manner, am very organised and thorough and I feel that I am articulate and have good communication skills. I feel that combined with training, I would make a good assistant and be able to assist the dentist effectively and efficiently.

I am very keen to continue learning and with my hard working approach I feel that I could be an asset to any company. I am happy to do whatever it takes to gain the qualifications that I need to be successful and feel that I am dedicated and eager to do well.

Should you be interested in the skills I have already learnt please do not hesitate to contact me on any of my contact details, I am happy to answer any further questions as necessary.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours sincerely


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