Court Administrative Officer Cover Letter Example

If you are looking to work as a Court Administrative Officer then you may be looking at a route into the legal profession. A court administrative officer helps with the day to day running of a busy court and the offices working from the courts.

You will need to be organised and pay great attention to detail in your work and be able to multi-task.

Administrative assistants can earn between £18,500 and £26,000 a year. Once you have more experience at your job then the earning will be higher. Different skills, qualifications and management duties will also increase the income from this job. Administrative officers can earn between £15,500 and £19,000 a year.

If you are looking to write a covering letter to go with your CV, please see the below example:

Court Administrative Officer Cover Letter

Court Administrative Officer Cover Letter Example

Mr. A. Employee
1, My House
Any Street
This Town
PO57 3DE


Mrs. A. Manager
The Company
Employment Street
That Town
PO57 3DE

Dear Sir/Madam,

Application for the role of Court Administrative Officer

I would like to apply for the role of Court Administrative Officer which I have seen advertised in (where) and (when).

I have always had a keen interest in the legal profession and the courts and I feel that with the experiences I have gained to date that I would make a good Court Administrative Officer.

Having researched the role I understand that I will be expected to deal with the general public on the telephone and face to face, be able to book in court times and provide advice to people as they need it. I will need to make sure that the courts have the correct documentation for each case and that the courtrooms and waiting areas are kept clean and risk-free.

I have had previous experience in minute taking and believe that I could take accurate notes for the legal professionals and any general admin including issuing fines and ensuring that these are paid.

I like to have a challenging and varied role and I believe that this is the right career choice for me.

I have enclosed my CV which shows in detail my skills and experiences. Should you be interested in my details, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely


Good luck with your application and writing your letter.

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