Social Media Manager CV Example

If you are a Social Media Manager looking for a new role or maybe a Social Media Executive looking for the next step up in your career, then writing your CV correctly is very important. An employer will be looking at your career history and how you can help them in their recruitment needs and fill the role that they are looking for.

When writing your CV, make sure that you pay particular attention to the job description or job advert and try to mirror what the company are looking for with what you have done in the past.
Please see the below CV example which you can use as a guide:

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Social Media Manager CV Example

Name Surname
Mobile No/Email


I am a passionate and creative individual who loves working in Social Media. I have excellent writing skills and always like to be very hands on in my roles as this is where I am allowed to show my creative flair and keep my ideas alive.

I have had a great deal of experience with websites and writing and creating blogs for clients. I enjoy researching and looking into my audience and thinking of new creative ways to improve audience participation.

After working in social media for over 3 years now, I feel that I am ready to manage my own team and department and further develop both my social media skills as well as my management skills. I feel that I have excellent communication skills both verbally and written and feel that I have a confident approach when dealing with customers / clients. I have written and prepared many presentations for clients and enjoy showing them the benefits of what can be achieved for their company.


Date to Date or To Date – Social Media Manager – Where?

In my role as a Social Media Manager, I am responsible for improving social media for my company and working closely with my department. My responsibilities include:

Daily use of Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media
Ensuring that the website is updated regularly with latest news feeds
Managing my team and their expectations, measuring their KPI’s
Hands on role of researching and writing stories/articles/blogs etc
Working on new projects, meeting new clients, delivering presentations
Managing my accounts and developing new ones as required
Looking at new initiatives and ways of working for my team and to keep our business ahead of the rest.


University, College, School – For all include titles/subjects and qualifications


– Computer skills – MS Office, Excel??? Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
Any other training courses or relevant qualifications to a job that you are looking for? Face book, Twitter, You Tube, My Space.?
– Any management courses/qualifications/training?


What do you like to do outside of work?


Available on request

social media manager cv example

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