Restaurant Manager Job Description

Job description of a Restaurant Manager with entry requirements, skills and developments and salary information.

Entry Requirements

A degree in hospitality will help those who want to join graduate schemes to work in the restaurant industry, but the experience will count for a lot more in the position of Restaurant Manager as it is a senior position in the restaurant. Applicants will usually need to have a few years of experience of running a restaurant including front of the house, keeping the accounts and managing a team of restaurant staff. Joining the Institute of Hospitality will provide training and networking opportunities, which can help to further your career if you are already working in the restaurant or hospitality industry.

A common way to become a Restaurant Manager is to start working in a restaurant as a more junior member of staff and work your way up through promotions. You will need to demonstrate that you have the flair and skills to handle being a Restaurant Manager.

Job Description

Restaurant Managers ensure that the restaurant runs efficiently and that everyone is equipped to get customer orders going out on time. There will be a creative aspect when it comes to marketing and décor of the restaurant, and also activities such as menu creation and approval. The Restaurant Manager will also be responsible for making sure the ethos and reputation of the restaurant are maintained and will manage the team of people that are involved with working in the restaurant. The Manager will recruit new staff, handle any issues the staff or customers may have, and handle grievances and dismissals.

The Restaurant Manager will analyse sales and look at whether profitability is being maintained, and keep the accounts up to date. At the front of the house, the Manager will greet customers and take bookings for tables.

This is a fast paced, demanding role with the reward of running a successful restaurant.

Working Hours

The working hours are typically long and will involve weekend working, which will be the busiest period in a restaurant. Lunchtime during the week and evening working is also typical; essentially the Restaurant Manager will be needed during the opening hours of the restaurant and before it opens while preparations are being made.

Skills and Training Development

You will need a genuine passion for the restaurant business and the restaurant you are managing because this is a demanding position with a lot of time spent on your feet. You will need stamina, motivation and excellent people skills to manage your team and handle customer enquiries and complaints. You will need to be a good multi tasker, highly organised and efficient with the ability to remember many different tasks. Numeracy skills will also be key because, without a keen eye for monitoring the books and knowing how to make a profit with the pricing of food, the restaurant will not be able to stay open.

As a Restaurant Manager, this is the highest position in the restaurant below Restaurant Owner and so you will have already progressed in your career considerably if you feel you are ready for this position. You will almost certainly be training other members of staff to some extent, and your opportunity to progress will be by transferring to bigger restaurants with larger teams to manage.


Depending on the location and type of restaurant, the starting salary for a Restaurant Manager can be around £18,000 rising to £22,000 in London. For experienced managers, this can rise to £40,000 a year, particularly in the London area.

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