Recruitment Consultant Job Description

Typically, Recruitment Consultants are graduates and their degree may be from a variety of disciplines although a degree in Marketing or Communications may help.

Entry Requirements

Experience, enthusiasm and drive will make a considerable difference rather than academic qualifications however, employers will be looking for people who are self motivated and with the potential to win new clients and work with a wide range of people at all levels. Experience in a high pressured customer environment can be a strong basis in an application for this position even without qualifications. This could be working in telecommunications, retail or a marketing role. All of these positions include sales and a high level of customer service, so will help in your application to become a Recruitment Consultant.

Job Description

A Recruitment Consultant matches potential candidates for jobs to positions needed by clients. They will take details of candidates’ work experience and skills together with their CV, and usually carry out competency based tests for example in Word and Excel. They will then work with candidates and their clients to identify suitable positions to apply for, and take candidates to interview stage. Their role is to match the needs of the client but also to support candidates; this may include coaching and rehearsal of the interview stage.

Once a candidate has gone through interview stage, the Recruitment Consultant will continue to act as the communication link between the client and the candidate. This will involve letting them know the outcome of the interview, and negotiating salary and benefits on their behalf.

Recruitment Consultants also provide advice about careers and career opportunities, salary levels and provide templates for CVs.

Working Hours

The working hours are typically between 35 and 40 hours per week Monday to Friday, but may also require some flexibility when working at client offices or travelling to meetings.

Skills and Training Development

You will need to be motivated and people focused, with great organisational skills to balance a busy diary full of meetings with clients and potential candidates for jobs. You must be able to prioritise and meet deadlines, and to be able to manage a busy workload. You will also need to be confident, particularly with the sales side of the role.

There will be opportunity for promotion in this role, starting from Trainee Recruitment Consultant level right up to Senior Recruitment Consultant and managerial levels. Some recruitment consultancies specialise in different industries, so if this is something that appeals to you then you could become a specialist in recruiting for a specific industry.


A trainee Recruitment Consultant can expect to earn between £14,000 and £20,000 a year depending on the area of work. There may also be the opportunity to increase this income based on target related performance, which is usually based on the level of sales you will make. The average salary for an experience Recruitment Consultant is £26,000 rising to £32,000 for Senior Recruitment Consultants. For those that become Managers, there is the potential to earn between £36,000 and £40,000 per year.

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