Is it Beneficial to put your photos on CV?

Should you put your photos on CV? It is a common question all job seekers pose, and the answer is pretty complicated. CV with photos is expected in some job applications, but you shouldn’t include your pictures on CV in most cases. 

Is it Ok to have a Photo on CV?

Your CV is the only way to make an excellent first impression on potential employers. So, you shouldn’t miss any points while creating it. Whether you should include a photo on a CV depends on two essential factors, those are –

1. Type of job

In some industries, attaching a picture is essential with your application. For example, if you are applying for an acting or modelling career, or other on-camera talent positions, you should attach your photos with your resume. It is applicable in some retail industries, but if you are applying for banking, finance or HR jobs, leave your picture out of your CV. 

Recruiters usually mention in job announcements where your CV image is needed. In such cases, you should attach a picture to your CV. If there is no mention of sending your picture with the job application, don’t include it. It may harm your profile.

2. Geographical locations

Including photos on your CV or resume often depends on the country or region you are applying for a job. If you are applying abroad, we recommend researching CV conventions and application etiquette before starting a job application. 

Countries where You shouldn’t Include CV Pictures

Countries where You shouldn't Include CV Pictures

These countries have strict labour and anti-discrimination laws. If you are applying to these countries, you should leave your CV picture out of the job application. Recruiters in these countries run the hiring process without judging the applicant’s race, appearance, gender, age, etc. 

You can take help from any reputed and professional cv writing services if you have doubts about attaching CV photos.

Countries where you should attach your photos on CV

Countries where you should attach your photos on CV

In the countries above, it’s generally recommended that you send your CV with photo for the job application. Even if the recruiter doesn’t specifically request it, be aware that CV picture requirements vary by organisation, and national standards may change. 

Hence, some employers may ask you not to include a photo on your application. In that case, you should not include your picture. Refer to the expert CV writing services to determine whether you should include your CV image to apply for jobs in countries not on this list. 

Top 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Photos on CV

Top 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Put Your Photos on CV

Many countries don’t want your photo on your CV. Your CV outlines your qualifications, skills, experience, and work history. It helps potential employers decide whether you’re a good match for the job. 

For most jobs, your appearance has nothing to do with your ability to perform well, so your application doesn’t require your picture. Especially no photo on CV, UK and USA companies allow. Here are some convenient reasons why you shouldn’t include a picture on your CV:

1. Photos on CV Stimulates Discrimination

Your picture may influence recruiters for your looks, skin colour, gender, religion or other features visible in the photograph. Countries which follow strict anti-discrimination laws prohibit job applicants from providing their photo for CV and job application. 

Recruiters from the UK, USA, Australia and several other countries prefer you refrain from inserting your photo in your CV to avoid any reasonable grounds for a discrimination prerogative. CV without pictures helps recruiters select deserving candidates based on their skills and expertise. 

2. Recruiters May Judge Your Personality from Picture

Subjectivity is in human nature, and the picture in CV allows the recruiters to make a wild guess about your personality. Hiring managers may judge your characteristics from the given picture, which is your state when the picture is taken. Like they might think you are not so nice or arrogant, etc. 

It is not a healthy practice for this reason, many countries prohibit it, and they focus on recruiting by evaluating skills and education. If you contact a professional cover letter writing service to take suggestions about attaching cv photos, they will emphasise why you shouldn’t include your picture for a job application.

3. Employers will Scroll Through Your CV for a Few Seconds

Hiring managers will only invest a little time in your CV at first. They go through hundreds of applications daily, so they usually have little time to concentrate on your CV. Putting a picture in your CV might take a crucial time for them. And they will spend less time reading vital information like your education, skills and experiences.

So, put any information that adds value to your CV, which is better than attaching a picture. Like any technical course, you have completed achieving the required level of expertise or any extra-curricular activities you have. You should focus on your language skills on CV and not on pictures.

4. Increases the chances of reviewing your CV

Having a photo on your CV may indicate that you are new to the employment law of that country. Appearance does not affect your ability to do the job. Some companies may automatically remove resumes with photos to prevent potential discrimination claims. 

Some job counsellors remove all information from resumes before handing them over to recruiters for final review to avoid accusations of discrimination. Therefore, it is beneficial to omit anything that might identify your skin colour, age or ethnicity.

5. Recruiters can Check Your Profile on the Internet

If hiring managers select your profile for an interview, they will go through your social media profile. They usually check for criminal records, inappropriate social media posts, or criticism of previous employers or colleagues.

They may see your photo on your social media or your profile page, so adding it to your CV is unnecessary. Suppose you’re in a field where a personal website is considered essential, such as an actor, writer, or television personality. In that case, you can always add your portfolio link to your website on your CV.

Make your CV without an image simply like you can address a cover letter without a name. Focus on the information which is utmost needed and avoid any unwanted text or image. 

The Bottom Line

In most cases, you aren’t required to include a picture on your CV. Because it adds no value to your job application and wastes space, it may encourage discrimination and racism. However, if you are in a country or industry that requires photos, try to look professional and keep the space to a minimum.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should you put a photo on your CV UK?

No. In the UK, anti-discrimination law is stringent, and they don’t permit recruiters to select based on appearance, gender, religion or skin colour. Hence, never put an image in your CV if you are applying for a UK-based job.


Candid images, pictures wearing sunglasses, images with filters, too much makeup, and tattooed faces aren’t allowed in a professional CV. Though in some specific industries like modelling, films, acting, etc., you may include such pictures.

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