Nursery Nurse CV Example

If you are interested in being a Nursery Nurse then you will want to work with babies, toddlers and children on pre school age. You will need to be very patient in the role of Nursery nurse and you will need to be a very caring person who can help youngsters to learn and develop.

You will need excellent communication skills and be able to talk to the parents of the children coming to the nursery. You may be able to enter this profession through doing some work experience but to act as a trained Nursery Nurse you will have to undergo NVQ Levels in childcare and development.

If you have found a role in which you want to apply for, please see the below example which you can use as a guide.

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Nursery Nurse CV Example

nursery nurse cv example

Name Surname
Mobile No/Email


I am a kind, caring and patient person who enjoys working with children of preschool age. I decided to pursue my career as a Nursery Nurse after doing some work experience through school and enjoying this role so much that I would like to continue it as my career choice.

I am keen to learn new skills in the Nursery Nurse environment and eager to begin my NVQ training. I am a creative person who enjoys helping young children to develop and learn skills to set them up for going to school. I am able to think of new ideas and new ways of teaching children and I enjoy both activities indoors and outdoors.

I would like to gain more experience of working with babies and understanding their needs whilst in our care. I understand the importance of preparing each nursery rooms to ensure that the children have everything they need during the day. It is also very important to ensure the nursery setting is cleaned continually throughout the day to ensure that it is a hygienic environment.


Date to Date or To Date – Nursery Nurse – Where?

In my role as a Nursery Nurse, I work with young children of preschool age to help them with their development and first experiences. My responsibilities include:

  • Planning activities for the children to do during the day in accordance with the Early Years Foundation
  • Reading stories to the children
  • Encouraging play and sharing through activities
  • Indoor and outdoor supervision at all times
  • Helping children in the preschool room to learn their numbers and letters before going to school
  • Painting activities and feeling activities especially for babies development
  • Supervising on trips to the local farm, library etc
  • Keeping the children’s folders and paperwork up to date through observation techniques
  • Helping with cooking the children’s food
  • Cleaning the nursery, emptying the bins, checking the toilets etc throughout the day
  • Notifying my Manager of any problems or concerns with children.


University, College, School – For all include titles/subjects and qualifications


Computer skills? Creative skills – art?
Any nursery nurse courses?


What do you like to do outside of work?


Available on request.

Good luck.

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