Charity Fundraiser CV Example

Fundraiser: You’ll often find Fundraisers working for charitable organisations or organisations that don’t receive any government funding. The main purpose for a fundraiser will be to raise money by various methods (subscriptions, events, auctions, raffles, fetes etc) and raise this money from various sources (individuals, general public, local organisations, companies etc.)

Fundraiser CV Example

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A professional Fundraiser with integrity when building and managing new and existing relationships.
A passionate individual with a highly ethical and moral approach to working practices and experience of making a difference. Excellent at communicating a compelling business case with the ability to persuade and influence individuals to make the right decision.

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Company Name: XXX Date to Date (or To Date) Fundraiser
Responsible for building long term relationships with individuals, organisations, companies, and local authorities and taking responsibility for raising funds for the charity and coordinating all fundraising activities and events.

  • Responsible for organising and assisting with fundraising activities such as promotional events, street collections, shopping events, raffles, or house-to-house collections.
  • Advertising, promoting, recruiting and coordinating volunteers, directing and leading their work schedules and tasks
  • Building new relationships with local authorities and organisations by approaching individuals, schools, universities, shops and commercial organisations for sponsorship and donations
  • Developing existing and new fundraising ideas and events
  • Liaising with local businesses and authorities to ensure all relevant parties are always well informed about ongoing events in the community
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School Name: GCSEs (Or equivalent) Maths, English, General Studies, History, Geography.
College Name: A levels, Government & Politics, History, Geography.
University Name: Degree BA Hospitality & Events Management


Certificate or Diploma in Fundraising


Self Motivated and Driven
Ambitious individual
Sales Ability and experience
Negotiations skills
Great rapport and relationship building skills
Excellent administration skills
Can bring a creative and innovative approach
Resourceful by nature


Volunteering, Socialising with friends and family, Horse Riding, Interested in Environmental Issues.

fundraiser cv example

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