Engineer CV Example

As an Engineer you will work with some highly technical equipment and could be an engineer or many disciplines, mechanical, electrical etc. It is important to keep up to date with your skills to ensure that you do not miss anything in the future developments as changes occur rapidly.
You will need to be methodical in your work, keep up to date with qualifications and product/equipment knowledge to ensure that you can deliver the best results and advice to your team and your customers/clients.

Please see below an example of a CV that you could use when doing your own or updating your CV.

Engineer CV Example

Name Surname
Mobile No/Email


I am a hardworking Engineer who enjoys working in a thorough and methodical role such as engineering. Having studied hard for over 4 years, I want to continue learning in my chosen career and understand all the disciplines within Engineering.

I am a good communicator with excellent interpersonal skills. I am able to explain in depth procedures and ways of working to people from a non engineering background. My communication skills are good verbally and in writing and I enjoy being dedicated to my work.

I am self motivated and enthusiastic about my career and am happy to learn new skills in accordance with my role and the future equipment that I will be working with.


Date to Date or To Date – Engineer – Where?

In my role as an Engineer, I work with different equipment and procedures on a daily basis using tricky methods that need to be thought about carefully. My responsibilities include:

Discussing new projects with management, my team and customers
Deciding which equipment and procedures to use
Timelines and project plan for installation or repair
Help my assistants with their learning and ensure they are being taught what they need to develop their careers
Understanding the engineering principles and being able to explain these in a non technical way
Write written reports
Risk assessments and health and safety.


University, College, School – For all include titles/subjects and qualifications – any Engineering courses, degree or online courses?


Computer skills – MS Office, Excel??? Specialised engineering programs?
Any other training courses or relevant qualifications to a job that you are looking for?


What do you like to do outside of work?


Available on request.

engineer cv example

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