CV Example: Web Developer

A web developer will obviously need web design skills. If you have any qualifications it is well worth mentioning them, even if they were internal work training courses. You will also need to discuss any previous work experience in this field or a related one. You will be expected to be creative and so any way that you can illustrate this would be useful. It is likely that you will be working with a team and so mention any teamwork skills that you have or experience of working in teams. You may need to be able to work with a customer or internal staff member and complete a design to their specifications. It is therefore important to show that you have the skills and experience to be able to do this. You may need to keep to deadlines and so it is worth mentioning if you are good at doing this.

Web Developer CV Example

Professional Profile

I am a very experienced and innovative web developer. I am proficient in many platforms such as Joomla, HTML, Java, JavaScript, adobe and publisher. I can code any site to perform any way in which the client wants.

Highly Competent.
Sensible and practical.
Approachable and Friendly.
Helpful and Handy.
Highly organised.

Professional Qualifications

Master’s Degree in Web Development, Programming and Coding.

Work History

January 2022 – Present

Web Developer, Sea Entertainment, London
As a web developer for a large entertainment services company I had to program and code sites from scratch, this would usually incorporate upgrading items to newer versions to retain compatibility with browser upgrades etc. I would also be responsible for managing the implementation of new pages onto the server for publishing.

January 2018- January 2020

Web Developer, Web Wide World, London.
As a web developer in this busy office, it was my duty to take the pages from the designers who would have created the ‘look’ of the site, and make them work with all the various programs and technical bits that would be required, such as adding chat features and checkout options, as well as pop up suggestions. I would then have to translate the design into code and run compliance testing to make sure that everything worked as intended, before overseeing the upload to the server and going live with the page.

January 2017 – January 2018

Web Developer, Blue Communications, London.
As a web developer for a large Mobile Phone and Broadband provider, I was in charge of keeping the business pages up to date with the latest content add ons and modifications. I also provided infrastructure support so where there were problems it was my duty to investigate where these were occurring and make sure they were fixed in a timely manner.


GCSE 10xA Grades including English, Maths and Science.
Londonberry Comprehensive School


References are available on request, or in writing to the above previous employers.

Web Developer CV Example

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