Top 10 Tips When Writing a Cover Letter in 2023

Cover letters are still one of the most important documents when applying for a job. Yes, we still need to write one in order to complete our job applications.

cover letter tips 2021

We,, put together a great list of tips for writing a cover letter in 2021.

#1 Don’t Remind Them About Your CV

They already know that you have already attached your CV along with your application so it’s not necessary to remind them about your CV.

#2 Try to Find Out The Hiring Manager’s Name

You are not going to get that name very easily but why not try? You will most likely stand out from other candidates who didn’t make that effort.


#3 Don’t Write Too Long! No One Has Time to Read!

Don’t waste your time writing very long cover letters. It won’t probably be read. Recruiters don’t like long CVs and covering letters. Your career documents should be nice and short.

#4 Keep It Plain and Easy!

No need to write unnecessary stuff that will bore the recruiter. Just tell them why you are the best candidate for the job. It’s simple and people like simple things. Use your cover letter mostly to talk about your relevant skills and job history.

#5 Don’t Assume No One Will Read IT

Reading your application letter is their job to do. Their main duty is to fill that vacancy with someone who can bother to write a great covering letter! If you don’t want them to read your letter then don’t write it in the first place!

#6 Don’t Forget to Introduce Yourself

Many applicants make that mistake when they are writing their letters. Introducing yourself in the beginning of a letter will save the recruiter searching your name and trying to find out who is this!!!

#7 Add Relevant Skills

Do not add all the skills you think you have got. It will just use precious space and limited space on your letter. Only add relevant skills that employers might be interested in. If you are applying for a Sales job then skills related to Sales would be perfect.

#8 No Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes Needed!

You have thousands of competitors so you don’t really want to give your employer a reason to cross your name on the application pile, do you? There are many online free spelling and grammar checker websites that you can use. You can also get your letter proofread by your family or friends?

#9 Address Your Letter Correctly

Addressing the letter correctly is nearly as important as your relevant job history and skills.

Try following lines:

Dear Karen,

Dear Dave,

Dear [Company Name] Hiring Manager,

#10 Cover Letters Are Not For Negativity About Yourself!

Don’t mention what you can’t do, what you are missing etc. No one needs this in their covering letters. Add your relevant skills, working history, some numbers that you have achieved etc but nothing that you can’t do!

Listing your down sides and things that you can’t do will just result in not being shortlisted!


We can extend this list even more however we will keep this short as you should with your application letter.

Printed applications are completely obsolete now. There are no companies in the UK that accept paper applications anymore. Big companies have their own career sites where you can submit your application so keep your CV and Cover Letter in your emails, files or anywhere else you can access easily.

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