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Boots is one of the leading brand names on the UK high street, familiar to millions as a quality pharmacy and retailer of health and beauty products. Job vacancies with Boots are wide-ranging and available on an assortment of terms such as full-time, part-time, seasonal and temporary. Boots job vacancies are available in-store at a local level, or at the company’s head office, which is located in Nottingham.


Boots is an established retailer, and at the heart of its business is the pharmacy. The company was conceived in 1849 when John Boot opened a store selling herbal medicine. It has of course changed dramatically since then, but providing pharmacy services to patients remains at its core. To service the pharmacy market Boots recruitment policy is to employ intelligent, hard working and well qualified staff, starting from the most junior positions in Pharmacy Support, to more senior qualified Pharmacy Dispensers and Managers.

With over 2276 pharmacies in the UK, Boots is constantly seeking to employ new pharmacy staff. Qualified Pharmacists are given the freedom to develop relationships with the local community whilst building and growing the dispensing business. Progressing on from this role there are job vacancies with Boots for the position of Professional Services Pharmacist who help to lead and grow the business.

Boots Pharmacy Management Roles

For the established qualified Pharmacist you may be interested in a career in Pharmacy Management. Boots have management vacancies within their pharmacies and staff are tasked with leading a team, which makes up an integral part of the local community. Candidates applying for this role require some degree of entrepreneurial flair as they will be required to shape and direct their pharmacy to fit the needs of its local customers whilst being profitable, ethical and successful.

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Boots also have job vacancies within its pharmacies for those seeking a career in medicine but are not yet qualified. It operates two schemes, the first being the Summer Placement Programme. This scheme lasts eight weeks and gives undergraduates the chance to put their knowledge into practice and can be attended each year the student is at university. The second scheme is the Boots Pre-Registration programme where graduates are trained and mentored for at least 12 months.

Boots Opticians Opportunities

Boots has job vacancies across the country for qualified optometrists and optical advisors. Boots Opticians has recently merged with D&A Opticians and will be increasing its market presence dramatically as all D&A branches change to Boots. As with the pharmacy positions, there are a number of training vacancies for undergraduate optometrists with Boots. As your career progresses, depending on your dedication, determination and skill, you could end up running your own Boots franchise opticians, making it a lucrative and exciting company to join.

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Boots Store Level Roles

Of course, you don’t have to be a qualified pharmacist to work at Boots. There are now 2550 Boots stores running the length and breadth of the UK and to work effectively requires a team of dedicated and hard working staff, who are committed to giving great customer service. Because of the opening hours which are designed to offer the customer the maximum convenience, many branches offer flexible working hours. This means you should be able to find a position that will fit your family and life and suit your requirements.

Due to the organisations sheer size, Boots has numerous job vacancies at the store level based on the following structure:

  • Store Colleague
  • Team Manager
  • Store Manager – Local Pharmacy
  • Store Manager – Health and Beauty
  • Sales Manager – Flagship Stores
  • Operations Manager – Flagship and Airport stores
  • Operations Capability Trainer
  • Regional Trainer
  • Area Manager
  • General Manager – Flagship stores
  • Regional Operations Capability Manager – Flagship and Airport stores
  • Regional Operations Capability Manager – stores and local pharmacy.

A job with Boots is likely to be a rewarding one, with a competitive salary, career progression if required, and a generous benefits package including staff discount, childcare vouchers and cheap insurance.

How do I apply for a job vacancy with Boots?

The company does not accept any printed CV, covering letters or emails etc, all applications need to be done online at Simply visit their website and start searching for suitable jobs for yourself.

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Boots job interview process

The job interview process undertaken by Boots varies by role but it is likely you will be assessed in one or more of the following manners:

Telephone interview/screening
Video conference
Face to face interview at the boots store.

The face-to-face job interview will ask you questions about your competency, previous achievements, examination grades and professional qualifications. You will also be asked to talk about things you find satisfying in your working life and things you have done which have made you proud. You may also be asked to take part in a role-play, or undergo psychometric testing so the interviewer gains insight into your personality and abilities.

If you secure a job with Boots it is likely that you will be rewarded with ongoing training, which starts with your induction and progresses throughout your career with the company. For qualified positions, Boots boasts some of the best examination results in the country and prides itself in coaching some of the best newly qualified pharmacists and optometrists in the business.

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