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Summary - Boots UK is a well-known pharmacy, health, and beauty retailer in the United Kingdom. It operates as a... subsidiary of Walgreens Boots Alliance, an American retail holding company. Boots UK offers medicines, health and wellness products, beauty and skincare items, toiletries, and more.

Boots is one of the leading brand names on the UK high street, familiar to millions as a quality pharmacy and retailer of health and beauty products. Job vacancies with Boots are wide-ranging and available on various terms such as full-time, part-time, seasonal and temporary. 

Boots job vacancies are available in-store at a local level or at the company’s head office, which is located in Nottingham. Applicants must prepare the Boots job application assessment answers to improve their chances of selection. 


Boots is an established retailer, and at the heart of its business is the pharmacy. The company was founded in 1849 when John Boot opened a store selling herbal medicine. It has changed dramatically since then, but providing pharmacy services to patients remains at its core. 

The recruitment policy of Boots is to employ intelligent, hard-working and well-qualified staff, from the most junior positions in pharmacy support to more senior qualified pharmacy dispensers and managers.

With over 2200 pharmacies in the UK, Boots constantly seeks to employ new pharmacy staff. Qualified Pharmacists are free to develop relationships with the local community whilst building and growing the dispensing business.

Also, there are job vacancies with Boots for the position of Professional Services Pharmacist, who helps to lead and grow the business. In this blog, we will explore the Boots job application United Kingdom along with its features and benefits.

Boots Pharmacy Job Roles

Boots Pharmacy Job Roles

As an established, qualified Pharmacist, you may be interested in a career in Pharmacy Management. Boots have management vacancies within their pharmacies, and staff are tasked with leading a team that is an integral part of the local community.

For Boots job applications, candidates require some entrepreneurial flair as they will be required to shape and direct their pharmacy to fit the needs of its local customers whilst being profitable, ethical and successful. Contacting a professional CV writing service before applying will improve your chances of selection in this organisation.

Boots also has job vacancies within its pharmacies for those seeking a medical career but are not yet qualified. It operates two schemes such as:

  1. The first is the Summer Placement Programme. This scheme lasts eight weeks and gives undergraduates the chance to put their knowledge into practice. It can be attended each year the student is at university.
  2. The second scheme is the Boots Pre-Registration programme, where graduates are trained and mentored for at least 12 months. It comes under the segment Boots job application 16 year olds.

Boots Opticians Opportunities

Boots Opticians Opportunities

Boots has job vacancies across the country for qualified optometrists and optical advisors. Boots Opticians has recently merged with D&A Opticians and will increase its market presence dramatically as all D&A branches change to Boots. As with the pharmacy positions, there are several training vacancies for undergraduate optometrists so they can pursue a “Boots Job Application Part Time or Full-Time” basis.

As your career progresses, depending on your dedication, determination and skill, you could end up running your own Boots franchise opticians, making it a lucrative and exciting company to join. Also, as your resume holds the first impression when you apply for a job, contacting a renowned CV editing service to make your application more impactful is a better idea.

Boots Store Level Designations

Of course, you don’t have to be a qualified pharmacist to work at Boots. There are now 2550 Boots stores across the UK, and efficient, steady performance requires dedicated, hard-working staff committed to giving great customer service. The operational hours are designed to offer the customer the maximum convenience.

Also, many branches offer flexible working hours. This means you should be able to find a position that will fit your family and life and suit your requirements. Due to the organisation’s sheer size, Boots has numerous job vacancies at the store level based on the following structure:

  • Store Assistant
  • Team Manager
  • Store Manager – Local Pharmacy
  • Store Manager – Health and Beauty
  • Sales Manager – Flagship Stores
  • Operations Manager – Flagship and Airport stores
  • Operations Capability Trainer
  • Regional Trainer
  • Area Manager
  • General Manager – Flagship stores
  • Regional Operations Capability Manager – Flagship and Airport stores
  • Regional Operations Capability Manager – stores and local pharmacy.

Pay Structure as per Designation

A job with Boots will likely be rewarding, with a competitive salary, career progression, and a generous benefits package including staff discount, childcare vouchers and complimentary insurance. There are two types of pay structures employees can avail in Boots. Those are,

  1. Hourly Pay: Average hourly pay in Boots ranges between £8.32 per hour for store Assistants and £19.49 per hour for Pharmacists.
  2. Salary: The average salary in Boots ranges between £16,844 per annum for Client Advisor and £73,776 per annum for General Manager.

How do I Apply for a Job Vacancy with Boots?

How do I Apply for a Job Vacancy with Boots?

As per the Boots job application process, the company does not accept printed CVs, cover letters, emails, etc. All applications need to be done online at Simply visit their website and apply for suitable jobs. You can also explore the job search platforms below and websites listing job openings specifically for Boots UK. Such as,

  • Indeed
  • Totaljobs
  • Reed

These platforms allow you to search for Boots UK jobs, apply online, and receive updates on new job openings.

Boots job interview process

The job interview process undertaken by Boots varies by role, but you will likely be assessed in one or more of the following manners:

  • Telephone interview/screening
  • Video conference
  • Face-to-face interview at the Boots store

In the in-person interview, you’ll be asked about your skills, past successes, grades, and qualifications. They’ll want to hear about your work highlights and moments you’re proud of. You might have to role-play or take tests to show your personality and skills.

Does Boots offer Sponsored Jobs?

Boots offers sponsored job opportunities. They partner with other companies or organisations to provide sponsorship for certain positions on fixed-term roles. The sponsorship is for less than three years, and the organisation doesn’t cover the applicant’s visa fees or maintenance costs. Refer to the Tier 2 sponsored list for a practical idea.

Career benefits of working with Boots UK

Career benefits of working with Boots UK

Working with Boots UK offers several career benefits beyond just the salary and traditional perks. Some of the other career benefits of working with Boots UK include:

Training and Development 

Boots UK has training programs to help employees improve their skills. They provide both practical training and chances for further learning.

Career Progression 

Boots UK promotes internal career progression and offers numerous opportunities for employees to grow within the company. They have a well-defined career framework that allows individuals to advance their careers and take on new challenges.

Employee Discounts 

Boots UK employees enjoy exclusive discounts on several products and services of Boots, including health and beauty products, pharmacy services, and more.

Flexible Working

Boots UK understands the importance of work-life balance and offers flexible working options to their employees. Where applicable, they provide various arrangements, such as part-time work, job-sharing, and remote working.

Employee Assistance Program 

Boots UK has an employee support program, i.e., the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). It offers private help for personal and work problems, ensuring employees are cared for.

The Bottom Line

If you secure a job with Boots, you will likely be rewarded with ongoing training, which starts with your induction and progresses throughout your career with the company. For qualified positions, Boots boasts some of the best examination results in the country and prides itself in coaching some of the best newly qualified pharmacists and optometrists in the business.

However, applicants must go through the Boots job application questionnaire for interview preparation and improve their chances of selection. So, prepare accordingly to reach your career aspirations.


1. Do I need any specific qualifications to apply for a job at Boots?

It varies by position. While some roles, like pharmacy jobs, may require professional qualifications, many entry-level roles, like customer assistants, primarily look for relevant experience and soft skills.

2. What should I expect in a Boots job interview?

Boots interviews often focus on your experience, knowledge of the company, and scenarios where you demonstrate customer service skills. Researching the company’s values and preparing answers based on the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) is beneficial.

3. I didn’t get the job after my interview. Can I reapply?

Yes, you can reapply for positions at Boots. It’s a good idea to gather feedback, if possible, and work on improving any areas before reapplying.

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