Sophie Skinner

Sophie Skinner

Hello. Welcome to my author bio. I’m a renowned career consultant with over 13 years of experience guiding and coaching individuals to achieve professionally. I thrive on my ability to help clients find fulfilling, rewarding careers.

My Qualification

I did a BA in Psychology from Cambridge and an MSc in Education Assessment from Oxford. I’m a certified Career Development Facilitator (CDF) and a member of the CDI, UK.

My Expertise

As a career consultant, I’ve developed expertise in career planning and assessment, job search strategies, resume writing, technical interview preparation and career transition. My clients come from various backgrounds and industries to achieve professionally.

My Experience

With over 12 years of experience working as a career consultant, I’ve worked with clients in finance (Nationwide Building Society, Morgan Stanley), technology (Babcock, W.L. Gore & Associates (UK)), healthcare (Fittleworth Medical) and education (Avado, Oldham College). I often work with students and recent graduates,helping them decide better about their career paths.

My Projects

I’ve developed and delivered innovative workshops on resume writing, job search strategies and interviewing skills. I’ve researched (ILO) on the impact of technology on the job market and how it affects career development.

My Publications


My career consultancy, with a proven track record of helping individuals, corporations and companies consistently achieve their career goals and business objectives, can help you plan, design and implement quality career planning and assessment techniques, job search strategies and career transition methodologies. There are no limits, but we need to be wary of impossibility.