Why is Your CV Being Ignored? 6 Possible Reasons

After spending hours, days maybe even months producing your CV, you have sent it out but if you haven’t heard anything from the employers it means no one has noticed your CV.

It’s very easy to make mistakes when writing your CV. Even highly proficient writers often get something wrong. Make sure you use all your resoures, including trusted friends, family or colleagues as another pair of eyes to prevent those mistakes.

You are sure that you have applied for the ideal jobs that you know you are excellently matched to your skills… however there are still no calls! The sooner you understand why your CV is being ignored the quicker you can start repairing them. Now take a look at these 6 possible reasons why your CV is being ignored.

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Check out following common CV mistakes to avoid:

1- Spelling and Grammar

The job you are applying for may not require perfect literature however poor handwriting, presentation or spelling may make recruiters think that you don’t care about your application.

It’s best to check your CV with someone else and don’t rely on the computer programs. Another eye on your CV will be the best idea.

Reading your CV out loud can also help to notice obvious mistakes in grammar.

2- Too much information

This title can also be “writing too much”. If you can explain something with 10 words than why use 30 words?

Do not forget your CV, by this I mean you, has only a couple of seconds chance to make an impression on the reader and get noticed. Do not waste these precious seconds using endless, unnecessary information. Use bullet points, lists and headers where possible.

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3-Personalise submissions

Employers are looking for people who are passionate about working for their company in particular, not just using them as a stepping-stone to other things. Therefore ensure your CV and cover letter are specifically related to the job description for which you are applying.

Read the job description once again and compare it to your CV to ensure you have covered every requirement listed for the vacancy and make amendments if necessary.

Tailoring your CV to the job demonstrates you are interested in the job in the employers eye.

4- Two pages enough

You should only use the words that are going to be helpful with the application. Two pages of A4 is usually more than enough for you. As mentioned above your CV has such a limited time to be noticed. Those employers and recruiters are very busy people and they don’t want to waste their precious time on CVs.

5- Don’t repeat nonsense

You will see thousands of CV examples online that keep repeating the same words over and over.

– Hard working
– Good team player
– Good communication skills
– Committed

Do not copy paste from CV examples such as:

“Seeking a challenging position that offers professional growth” as employers will recognise this is copied from elsewhere. Take time to write down some key words about yourself, or take key words or phrases from the job description.

6- Contact information

Countless job applications sent and not a single call? Have you checked that your phone number is written correctly? Your email address spelled wrong?

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