Top Websites to Find Sponsored Jobs in the UK

The United Kingdom has always been a popular destination for individuals seeking better job opportunities and a higher quality of life. However, the UK’s points-based immigration system requires applicants to meet certain criteria, one of which is securing a job offer from a licensed sponsor in the UK. This means you must find an employer authorized and willing to sponsor your visa before relocating. While this process can be challenging due to the high competition and eligibility requirements, several websites can help you find sponsored jobs in the UK.

Let us first delve into the tier 2 visa routes, which will provide crucial insights into navigating the immigration landscape for employment-based relocation. 

Types of Tier 2 Visa Routes

Types of Tier 2 Visa Routes

The UK is one of the most sought-after destinations for international workers seeking new opportunities and career growth. Understanding the different types of sponsor licenses available for Tier 2 jobs is essential. There are two main routes for employer sponsorship in the UK: Worker routes and Temporary Worker routes. In both ways, you need to find sponsored jobs for non-UK residents.

Skilled Worker Routes

The Worker routes are primarily for long-term employment and include several visa categories. The most common among them is the Skilled Worker visa, which allows international workers with a job offer from a UK employer to live and work in the UK. 

To be eligible for this visa, the job offered must be at a certain skill level, and the employer must hold a sponsor license. It is a popular option for UK companies hiring sponsored employees.

Another significant category under Worker routes is the Intra-company Transfer visa. This visa allows the employee to work in the UK for a specified period, after which they may need to apply for a different visa or leave the country.

Temporary Worker Routes

The Temporary Worker routes are for short-term employment and include several categories as well. One of the key categories under this route is the Creative and Sporting visa. This visa is for individuals offered work as a sportsperson or creative artist. It is essential for those seeking visa sponsorship careers in the UK in sports, arts, and entertainment.

Another important category under Temporary Worker routes is the Charity Worker visa. This visa is for individuals with an unpaid or voluntary job offer with a charity organisation in the UK. It allows them to stay in the UK for up to 12 months and engage in voluntary work.

Understanding these categories is crucial for finding UK employment with visa sponsorship. It is always advisable to seek guidance from immigration experts or UK-sponsored job websites for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Best Websites for UK Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023

Now that we understand the basics of visa sponsorship and Tier 2 jobs let’s dive into the top sites for sponsored jobs in the United Kingdom. Here are the top 10 websites that you should consider:

  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • Monster
  • Totaljobs
  • CV-Library
  • JobisJob
  • Technojobs
  • WorkInStartups

Detailed Analysis of Top Websites for Sponsored Jobs in the UK

Choosing the right platform for your sponsored job search in the UK is essential. Let’s take a closer look at these websites’ features, advantages, and some authentic statistical data. Remember to use a professional CV Writing Service to enhance your chances of landing an interview.

Detailed Analysis of Top Websites for Sponsored Jobs in the UK

With over 30 million users in the UK, LinkedIn is a go-to platform for professionals. It allows you to connect with employers, follow UK companies that pose visa-friendly job websites, and apply for jobs directly.



‘Indeed’ is one of the most popular job portals worldwide. It offers many sponsored job listings in the UK and provides user-friendly filters to narrow your search.



Besides job listings, Glassdoor offers reviews, salary information, and interview tips, helping you make an informed decision when applying for jobs.



Monster is a global job portal that offers various work opportunities with visa support in the UK. It also provides valuable resources such as resume advice and interview tips.

With over 250,000 job listings, is one of the largest job portals in the UK. It offers an extensive range of sponsored employment options in the UK.

Before applying, check the documents required for certificate of sponsorship to ensure a smooth application process.



Totaljobs is another popular job portal in the UK, offering many visa-sponsored jobs on UK websites.



CV-Library is one of the largest independent job boards in the UK, offering various UK work visa job opportunities.



JobisJob is a search engine that aggregates job listings from various job portals, making it easier to find sponsored job opportunities.



If you are in the tech industry, Technojobs is a specialised job portal that offers a wide range of sponsored job opportunities in the UK.



For those looking to work in a startup environment, WorkInStartups offers a variety of visa sponsorship careers in the UK.

Don’t forget the importance of Crafting the Perfect CV to make a lasting impression on potential employers.

The Bottom Line

Finding a sponsored job in the UK might seem daunting, but it is entirely possible with the right resources and determination. Remember to personalise your CV and cover letter to each job application, and use the resources available on the job portals mentioned above. Good luck with your job search!


What is a sponsored job?

A sponsored job is a position where the employer is willing to sponsor the successful applicant’s visa, allowing them to legally work and live in the UK.

How to find sponsored jobs in the UK?

Start by creating an inviting profile on the job portals mentioned above. Prepare your CV and cover letter, especially as per the nature of each job application, and use the resources available on the job portals.

What are the best websites to find sponsored jobs in the UK?

LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster,, Totaljobs, CV-Library, JobisJob, Technojobs, and WorkInStartups are some of the best UK job portals with visa sponsorship.

What is a Tier 2 working visa?

This visa is for skilled workers who receive a job offer from a UK employer willing to sponsor their visa application.

What are the categories under the Tier 2 visa?

The Tier 2 visa categories include Skilled Worker, Intra-company Transfer, Minister of Religion, and Sportsperson.

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