Top 20 Most Powerful Words to Include in Your CV

Everyone wants their CV to stand out the best and be full of powerful and eye catching words that employers want to see. Below is a list of words that should be included in your CV where possible.

Words to Include in your CV


All employers want someone to be enthusiastic towards their work and as a person, it adds to the buzz of a job.


Being dedicated to your work is always a good thing to emphasise on a CV as it shows that you think a great deal about your career and want to develop and continue it.


A very important one, no employer wants someone to be disorganised, they will be looking for someone to be able to control everything they do well and as it says be organised in their work.

Self Motivated

Being self motivated means that you do not need someone standing over you constantly to make sure that you do the job that you are meant to do. This is very important.

Team Player

Most people work as part of a team in some way or another so it is important for an employer to know that you get along with other people and can work well with others.


If you like new challenges then this means that you are keen to try and learn new things which is always interesting to a company as you are open to options.


By being experienced you have the skills that an employer is looking for which is all important if you want to be the one who gets the job.


Having initiative means that you work well on your own and you can think for yourself. This is important for an employer hoping that you can just get on with your own work.


Being committed to a company or a job is very important and something that a new employer will be keen to look at and ensure that they are making the right decision in employing you.


If you are eager to learn new skills or do well in your job this will always appeal to a new employer.


Being flexible means that if your MD asks you to work late or a weekend then you can do so sometimes, it also means that you are not rigid in your role and will help the needs of the business should the situation arise.


Most employers want their staff to be professional so that they can represent the company well; it is about image and attitude.


In most roles these days it is important to have a certain standard of education and it will depend on the employer as to what their requirements are.


Hearing that you have been successful in a previous role allows a potential future employer to believe that you will also be successful in a career with them too.


Means that you will get on with your work and not get side tracked by maybe internal politics or someone else’s role.


If you are focused on your job and your career path then that speaks volumes to a company as it means that you will strive to do well for them.


Having good energy is essential to be committed to a role so employers will be interested if they feel that you have an energetic personality towards your work.


Sometimes roles require you to be patient as well as outspoken and it’s a good attribute to have means that you will not be too hot headed in your work.


Being responsible means that you can be relied on which is always important to Managers and people you work with.


Having a positive attitude towards your work and who you work for is always recommended.

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