Top 13 Keyworker Jobs for Lockdown

A second lockdown might be coming to the UK amid a sharp rise in the R rate and an increase in daily positive results. Lockdown means only essential work places can be opened and only key workers can continue to attend work. The rest of the people will have to stay home and not leave their houses except for essential items such as food or medicine. During the lockdown from March 2020 the Government offered significant financial support to people who could not work and essentially paid for the cost of people’s living either through the furlough scheme or Universal Credit. Either of them are not really fun but better than nothing. Furlough might sound great for some but at the end of it you may lose your job not to mention the boredom of sitting at home with no sense of purpose.

key worker jobs for lockdown

There are some jobs that you can call lockdown proof! You can be a key worker and never be effected from lockdowns again. Many people carried on working during the unprecedented times in the UK. They are called key workers. You can try and find a job that would fit in that key workers category such as in food production or delivery, healthcare or education, however the impact of COVID on the economy has left the unemployment rate high in Autumn 2020 and there are not many jobs available these days. The unemployment could sky rocket just after the Furlough scheme ends in October. The Government may extend it for a couple of months more but it’s not guaranteed.

Here are the list of jobs that people continued working in it during the lockdown.

Lockdown Proof Jobs

1- Police

Have you ever thought about becoming a Police Officer? It’s just the right time to think about it if you haven’t thought before. Police recruitment continues throughout the whole year and it seems like they always need some more men and women to join their forces. The pay might start low however it will increase quickly as you work. The hours may often be antisocial but it’s a job at the end of the day. This is a great career for singles and couples who don’t have kids yet or people with child care sorted.

Selection process are really tough and the minimum qualification is 2 A levels or equivalent. There are many stages that you will have to pass however it’s not impossible.

Many officers are leaving job each year due to work condition that’s why Police recruitment goes continuously.

2- Nurse

I bet you have already guessed No:2 in our list, didn’t you? Nurses worked non-stop at any time of the lockdown. We have clapped for them every Thursday for their efforts. They should really get paid more and I’m sure this would make them feel better than getting clapped everyday. The risk they have put themselves into is huge. They don’t only risk their life but whoever they live with as well.

You must have Nursing qualifications to apply. Why not start studying towards it if you haven’t qualified yet?

This country will need more and more Nurses especially after Brexit. The UK will not accept any more European workers easily from now on. That might mean more money will go to British workers? I really hope so…

3- Work for NHS

NHS has countless different jobs. You don’t have to be a Doctor or Nurse to work within the NHS. You can be a cleaner, IT specialist, administrator, manager (usually don’t do much but get paid 3-4 times more than Nurses!) etc. Just go on to NHS careers website and type your location and see what opportunities are there for you.

NHS usually has good pay schemes. Hours can be long and sometimes tiring but helping people in need will make you feel better. There are always risks working at a hospital during a pandemic but this is a kind of acceptable risk isn’t it? You can still be protected while you are working away from where they treat Covid-19 patients. It’s all about being careful and clean.

Are you convinced you want to become an NHS hero? Yes, then go to search engine and type “NHS jobs”; No, if you’re not convinced then carry on reading this page!

4- Supermarket jobs

You can close any work place easily in this country or anywhere in the world but you can’t really close a shop or a store that sells and provides food! Yes, I agree this should have been in our No:1 in our lockdown proof jobs list.

Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Aldi, Lidl, Asda etc. They all continued to operate during the lockdown. Their job was to feed the nation and they did indeed. They created thousands of extra jobs even during the lockdown. They are still announcing job openings everywhere in the UK.

Supermarkets or super stores (whatever you would like to call them) have many different types of jobs. The most popular jobs they advertise are delivery drivers! Many people didn’t want to leave their houses especially vulnerable people due to obvious reasons and supermarkets tried to deliver whatever they needed from their stores. I say they tried because they couldn’t do it for everyone as there was too high demand that the companies couldn’t handle!

Delivery drivers, checkout operators, floor assistants, stock-shelve operators, cleaners, supervisors, managers, administrators, security officers and more job titles are always be advertised by those retail giants.

5- Delivery Drivers

Yes, we mentioned this job in No:4 supermarket jobs however Delivery Driver jobs deserve to be listed in our Lockdown proof jobs list. Undoubtedly, this job is the most popular and most advertised role in the UK for about last 10 years. People want their orders to be delivered to their address such as food, clothing, technology, gardening or anything else you can think of.

Just go to your favourite job site and type “delivery driver” and see that there are thousands of them are available. It’s still a job that you don’t want to do it unless you have to do it and it’s usually your second job along with your main job. There are some reasons why delivery driver job is still not a popular one. Here are some of them: It’s not very well paid, You might have to use your own transport and it’s not recognised as a good job and its worth.

Companies like Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda etc. never stopped advertising Delivery Driver jobs. They are not the only advertiser of these type of jobs though. You can work for many other companies, businesses, takeaways etc.

6- Social Care – Support Assistants

Elderly and Mental Health patients will need to be looked after whether we are in lockdown or not. There are different varieties of support assistant, providing individual care to people still living in their own homes or Care houses are always on the hunt to find care workers all year along.

There is always a care home nearby where ever you live. You can apply for their vacancies which could include cook or maintenance as well as nursing or healthcare workers.

7- Court Staff

Throughout the peak of the pandemic court cases still needed to be decided and although there were some delays, the judiciary system continued to run. Court bailiffs, ushers, note takers as well as lawyers and judges still attended work albeit sometimes over face-time. If you aren’t sure about becoming a Police Officer, but interested in a similar role perhaps consider working in the Court system.

8- Journalists

The media played a vital role in keeping people informed throughout the pandemic and in life in general. It’s challenging to get into journalism since it’s often a sought-after role for young graduates, however there are more vacancies in local newspapers which is often seen as a way into the career. Journalists are considered keyworkers so the public can feel confident that what they are being told by the Government or other sources is indeed reliable.

9- Some Government Staff

Many Local and National Government employees were required to continue working through the pandemic such as ministers needing to make decisions about the crisis and local MPs or civil servants to keep the local services running. If you are interested in making a difference to your local community you could consider looking for jobs in the civil service. These are advertised on local authority websites or the designated Civil Service job website.

10- Army and MoD

The Army are always on hand in the case of emergencies to undertake any jobs that are needed. Throughout 2020 this included building Nightingale hospitals to provide extra intensive care beds for sick patients, as well as supporting the Covid-19 testing centres. The Army was also on-call to enforce lockdown measures if the police were not able to maintain safe streets. The armed forces also include RAF and Royal Navy, all of which are on a continual cycle of recruitment through their websites.

11- Firefighters

As one of the 3 emergency services firefighters are always on-call to respond to emergencies including the obvious fires as well as car crashes and other emergencies. It’s a very challenging role to get into as the recruitment process is very long and applicants are often held on a waiting list for many months before they are asked to attend the assessment days.

12- Transport Workers

Public transport workers are often overlooked as possible career choices, but they are certainly a keyworker role. How can other keyworkers continue to do their jobs if they can’t get to work?!

Transport workers include bus drivers, train drivers, ticket sales as well as security or administrators within the transport sectors. The majority of these are privatised firms so in order to apply you will need to identify a specific company and contact the company directly.

13- Prison Guards

Prison Officer roles are frequently advertised and offers a reasonable pay with the usual civil servant benefits. It’s often a difficult job with limited resources. Although they are required to provide 24 hour service, so you should expect long shifts and possible night-work. Jobs are advertised on the Civil Service job site and apply for something local to you.

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