Store Manager Job Description

Job description of a Store Manager. Find out how to become a Manager for a store, learn more about managing a store and earnings.

Entry Requirements

A Store Manager will usually have a number of years of experience in a retail environment, having progressed from Retail Assistant to Retail Supervisor, to Assistant Manager and then to Store Manager. Management training courses are usually available through your employer if you are following this career progression path, and they will equip you with knowledge in the areas of leadership and different aspects of store management.

A degree in business, retail or marketing can be an alternative route or you could take a qualification such as a Diploma in Retail Business. Employers will usually look for some retail experience but qualifications can only strengthen your application.

Job Description

A Store Manager has overall responsibility for the running of the store and this will involve keeping to budgets; working within company policies; working within the legal requirements and making sure the store turns over a profit. The Store Manager will also be set sales and profit targets, and will oversee the stock ordering, rotas and holidays. This role will also recruit and interview new staff, and deal with customer queries and complaints.

The Store Manager will deal with any store related issues such as security and ensuring that health and safety is adhered to; for example making sure that the working environment is safe and the store well ventilated. Any staff complaints or issues would also be escalated to the Store Manager if the Retail Supervisor or Assistant Manager feels that this is necessary.

Working Hours

Typically retail hours are fairly flexible anyway; involving weekend working and some shifts continuing into the mid-evening. There are usually rotas so that shifts change every week or two weeks, however a Store Manager’s hours may be more fixed because they have overall responsibility for the running of the store.

Skills and Training Development

There is a lot of responsibility attached to being a Store Manager, so lots of energy will be needed and excellent multi tasking skills. You will also need to be able to keep your team motivated, as they will ultimately look to you for inspiration and as the overall leader. You will also need to be calm under pressure, and have good financial skills because you will be looking after budgets.

Being open and approachable will also be important because you will be handling a wide variety of complaints and issues, some of which will be of a sensitive nature.


A starting salary for a Store Manager is usually around £19,000 although this may be significantly more if you live in one of the bigger cities. For more experienced Store Managers, salaries can hit £40,000.

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