Site Engineer Cover Letter Example

Site engineer act as the main technical advisor on a construction site and is responsible for setting out and surveying the site. This professional works as part of the site management team alongside with architects, crafts, planners and subcontractors.

Performing supervisory role on constructions projects is accountable for overseeing the selection and requisition of materials, for checking plans and drawings, for liaising with clients and authorities and as well for planning work and tasks efficiently and for preparing ad hoc reports.

Site Engineers should have excellent managerial and organizational skills; need to be very precise, detailed and able to meet deadlines and to get a project started on time. Excellent knowledge and background related to civil and infrastructure engineering is an asset.

Site Engineer Cover Letter Example

Dear HR / Recruitment Manger,

Application for the vacancy of Site Engineer.

It is with great interest that I am presenting my CV for the position advertised in (where the job was found). I am greatly interested in this position and I believe that my profile could be the perfect fit for your team, thanks to my qualifications and working background.

As Site Engineer, I have been accountable for surveying many work sites through my entire career, from small-scale projects to multi-million pound ventures. Over the years main responsibilities were taken over, such are day-to-day management of the site, labour force management, reports writing, site documents administration and unexpected technical difficulties resolution.

Moreover, as Site Leader, I possess strong organizational and managerial skills, able to meet deadlines and to organize site work efficiently, redistributing tasks when needed and prioritizing projects and responsabilities.

I am available for interview at a time convenient for yourselves, and I would be pleased to attend for interview at your convenience to allow me to discuss my experience and qualities further. My full contact details can be found on my CV.

Many thanks for your time, and I hope to hear from you in the near future.

Applicant Name

Yours sincerely

site engineer cover letter

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