Kitchen Porter Cover Letter Example

Even if it is an entry-level position, as a kitchen porter, you will have the opportunity to get into the Kitchen department of high standards hotels and restaurants and you may have the chance to climb up the ladder and get more responsibilities. To achieve this, nevertheless, you need to work diligently being professional and accurate.

You will be responsible to support kitchen duties, taking up tasks like cleaning, do the washing up, basic food preparation, kitchen maintenance. You will be responsible for maintaining the kitchen tidy and clean in order to preserve hygienic requirements. Thanks to this, you will contribute to your hotel/restaurants ranking role as kitchen conditions and standards are one of the most important things when assessing a public service like hotels and restaurants.

Kitchen Porter Cover Letter

Brenda Hanson
21 Any Street
Old Place

Jeremy Manager
All Stores


Dear HR / Recruitment Manger,

Application for the vacancy of Kitchen Porter.

I am presenting my CV for the position advertised in (where the job was found). I think that thanks to my personal attitude and background I could be the perfect fit for this position. I am also familiar with your restaurants/hotel reputation and I will be more than happy to be part of your team.

I am an experienced Kitchen Porter with over X years of experience in many hotels/restaurants (xxx, xxx) as you can see from my enclosed resume.

I possess great sense of responsibility and I well know how to maintain and ensure basic hygienic conditions and how to keep a kitchen neat and tidy. I am familiar with cleaning agents and equipment, industrial dishwasher and Health and Safety Regulation. I have also been accountable for food preparation and chef assisting.

I am available for interview at a time convenient for yourselves, and I would be pleased to attend for interview at your convenience to allow me to discuss my experience and qualities further. My full contact details can be found on my CV.

Many thanks for your time, and I hope to hear from you in the near future.

Applicant Name

Yours sincerely

kitchen porter cover letter

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