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Recruitment at British Airways always starts with a buzz. The long-standing airline favourite has the natural job market appeal that many other companies could only dream of attracting. British Airways jobs are for the people that really want to go places. With ongoing training and development, British Airways is renowned for its credible staff perks and job satisfaction.

What is the turnover of British Airways last year? 3,6 billion pounds.

British Airways promotes equality and this means that you will be judged upon your own merits as opposed to sex, age, race etc. They want all employees to respect each other and work together in a friendly, non-judgemental environment. This promotes teamwork too, so if you thrive on good teamwork then you could go far with British Airways.

What is the profit of British Airways last year? BA reported 3,6 billion loss in the last financial year.


Training And Development

There are ample training and development opportunities with British Airways jobs so if you do well in your entry-level role, then who knows what you could progress to. British Airways will support and guide you all the way, which is a reassuring factor in a large company. You get a real sense of ‘belonging’ when you join BA. They actively promote the fact they have extensive resources for those who want to learn, and this includes interactive learning centres and library facilities. If you have certain training requests or suchlike, you will have the opportunity to discuss these with your manager.

Once you have joined BA, you are already at an advantage for when internal roles become available. The airline likes to promote from within and if you have the necessary skills for the advertised role, then you will be encouraged to apply. There are numerous opportunities for career progression and so many different avenues you could venture down to being a part of British Airways.

The Recruitment Process

You can apply online for any roles you see, and this then forms part of the initial selection process. British Airways may ask you to attend an assessment day or a formal interview so that they can see you in person and potentially take your application further. Although this may sound daunting to some, it is common practice with large companies, in particular airlines, to hold assessment days where individuals get the chance to prove what they are capable of. With each British Airways job attracting multiple applicants, it is natural for there to be a number of ways for the company to sift through everyone and find the best people. Assessment days are great for this, and they will give clear indications to the company of who is most capable.

Despite being a large company, British Airways are always on top of its recruitment drives. In fact, if you attend one of their assessment days then they aim to let you know if you have been successful within 5 working days, so you’re not left wondering if you have got the position for weeks on end. It is going this extra mile and caring about their potential employees that makes this recruiter up there with the best.

Parlez-Vous Anglais?

If you want to be part of the cabin crew, did you know that your language skills are advantageous for a job at British Airways? Studying French or German at ‘A’ Level might be more useful than you think, and this is always something that could come in handy when meeting and greeting passengers from all over the world. Linguists often get stuck for inspiring roles, but with British Airways jobs, there is real potential to use those language skills in a thrilling environment.

Customer Service Is Essential

If you see customer service as a top priority, then British Airways feel the same. In today’s fast-moving society, the niceties often get forgotten about and things like helping someone with a bag are genuinely appreciated by customers these days because such assistance is sadly lacking in many industry sectors. At British Airways, you can fill your day with compliments and thank you as you find yourself giving excellent customer service at all times. You want the passengers to use the airline again, and it is all the little extras that make the difference.

Apply for British Airways jobs and see what skills you could bring to the famous airline. If you have the drive to succeed then you should go far.

How to Apply

It is impossible to apply for BA jobs via any sort of printed application form such as a CV or cover letter. The only way is to visit and start searching for the latest vacancies.

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