25+ Best Paying Jobs UK Right Now In 2023

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Are you looking for the Best Paying Jobs UK? Money is a significant factor in your selection if you’re hunting for your initial job after graduating from college or thinking about a career move. However, it’s critical to think about your hobbies and the objectives you’ve set for yourself; it’s also crucial to ensure that your career decision will allow you to live comfortably. 

Research demonstrates that education is still valuable if you intend to significantly boost your lifetime income capacity despite the steadily rising graduation rates. As in the UK, many exciting and diverse employment alternatives might assist you in reaching your financial objectives. 

We only desire to invest some of our time and energy into obtaining a degree or other professional certification to land a job that pays just enough to cover our monthly expenses. With this database of the highest-paying occupations and qualifications in the UK, we’ve done the study to assist you in boosting your income after graduation and answer your question what are the best paying jobs in the UK?

The Top 25 Best Paying Jobs In UK Right Now

Sectors Offer The Best Pay In The UK -

This checklist can help you receive the most return on your effort if you’re already trying to relearn for a different location or have underused abilities you’d want to use. We searched through the most recent job listings to compile a list of the top 45 high paid jobs UK.

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1. Dermatologist

Average Salary: £86,734 per year 

A dermatologist focuses on ailments and illnesses affecting the face, scalp, fingernails, and mucous membranes. Among the problems, they address include acne, eczema, skin damage, pimples, loss of hair, and herpes.

2. Lawyer

Average Salary: £49,928 per year

A lawyer must accept clients and counsel them on the best course of action to follow, given their unique circumstances. Depending on your industry, you may be processing papers or drafting a will, as we’ve all observed television, or you might be in court.

3. Marketing Manager

Average Salary: £69,049 per year

Marketing managers advertise a business’s goods and services to boost sales and market share. Along with helping with a firm’s marketing strategies and promotion, they also support marketers and their employees.

4. Chief Financial Officer

Average Salary: £124,410 per year

The highest financial position in any organization is held by a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). This career option is one of the highest paying jobs in the UK. The role’s objective is to manage the company’s financial stability, which involves managing the finance team, protecting the company’s assets, profit growth, and maintaining compliance.

5. Risk Manager

Average Salary: £68,000 per year

A risk manager must be on guard and ready for emergencies. Risk managers are highly analytical individuals with the vital project, financial, data, and statistics management skills. They will typically possess a professional certification relevant to the position. 

6. Chief Executive Officer

Average Salary: £99,424 per year

A CEO acts as the primary corporate representative, develops long-term goals with the Board, creates the firm’s business plan, monitors its operations, and assures compliance. A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is in charge of a company’s strategy.

7. Professor

Average Salary: £63,427 per year

A professor is a high-ranking member of the teaching institution who focuses on either research or instruction. They are leaders in the analysis of research and educators of knowledge at higher education institutes like universities, making them experts in their subject. 

8. IT Manager

Average Salary: £77,446 per year

A top management role in a firm is an IT director. They oversee and manage IT operations throughout the business and work closely with managers and supervisors to determine their IT needs. 

9. Quantitative Analyst

Average Salary: £73,353 per year

An expert that assists businesses in making financial and business choices based on quantitative analysis is known as a quantitative analyst. Their responsibility is to employ statistical and quantitative methods to address challenging business issues.

10. Tax Director

Average Salary: £89,619 per year

Tax directors create, plan, and carry out a company’s tax strategy. They ensure that a business’s tax filings are accurate and that its tax liabilities are kept to a minimum. Typically, they answer to higher management.

 11. Database Engineer

Average Salary: £73,098 per year

A database architect creates efficient models and methods to store corporate data by building and maintaining a company’s database. They evaluate and enhance effective implementation to ensure they comply with internal and external requirements.

12. Aircraft Pilot

Average Salary: £54,000 per year

Airplane pilots not only get to take in the earth’s breathtaking scenery but must also develop a flight plan that considers the aircraft’s capabilities, the climate, and the fuel. Flying requires a license, which requires extensive training and ongoing instruction.

13. Equity Research Analyst

Average Salary: £70,579 per year

Investment recommendations are made by equity research analysts to buy, sell, or hold financial securities. By assisting with stock valuation and capitalization, they support corporate IPOs. A bachelor’s degree in business, finance, statistics, or a related discipline is necessary to operate as an equity research analyst.

14. Actuary

Average Salary: £64,362 per year

Actuaries are professionals in the business world who use their expertise in finance, mathematics, probability distributions, and investment theory to solve business issues. Actuaries may manage a company’s financial assets and liabilities.

15. Investment Manager

Average Salary: £62,146 per year

They manage clients’ investment accounts while working closely with them. Portfolio managers offer suggestions for enhancing portfolio returns based on their customers’ objectives. They also create reports on investment performance and activity and share them with their clients. 

16. Engineering Director

Average Salary: £78,368 per year

A company’s engineering team and activities are coordinated and managed by the director of engineering. Among their duties are project management, overseeing the technical workforce, and leading the engineering department.

17. Software Engineer

Average Salary: £72,876 per year

They create relevant product specs, convey them to the development team, monitor the development process, and ensure the software complies with all standards. To become a software architect, you require coding expertise in various languages, such as Java, C++, etc. Knowledge of UI/UX design, Java, and HTML/CSS is crucial.

18. Police Officers

Average Salary: £51,414 per year

The management of police constables and sergeants, as well as serving as the liaison between them and the prosecutors, will be an inspector’s responsibility. Inspectors need to be compassionate, tenacious, curious, capable of acting independently and motivated by a sense of justice.

19. Of Counsel

Average Salary: £77,910 per year

Of Counsel are in charge of the legal issues of an organization. They ensure that every commercial activity complies with national and international rules and regulations. They are specifically responsible for giving legal guidance to business operations, contracts, power grabs, acquisitions, and mergers.

20. Chartered Accountants

Average Salary: £117,000 per year

Chartered Accountants can help with everything from payroll and tax assistance to financial accounting. An accountant’s beginning salary might differ based on the firm’s location, industry, size, and kind.

21. Train Driver

Average Salary: £54,901 per year

You can also work as a train driver if you have vast technical knowledge, superb hand-eye coordination, and the capacity to focus for extended periods. You will often need to apply to finish an advanced apprenticeship with a railway company. 

The duration of the training might range from 12 to 24 months, but upon completion, it will fully equip you to drive trains professionally.

22. Pharmacy Assistant

Average Salary: £29,266 per year

A pharmacy technician’s typical duties are preparing, distributing, and providing patients with pharmacy items and medications. To thrive as a pharmacy technician, you’ll need to manage a demanding workload and excel at collaborating with others.

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23. Cosmetic Surgeon

Salary: £90,531 per year

A plastic surgeon is a doctor with a medical license who performs surgeries to restore and mend the human body. Restoration of form and function following an illness or damage is the goal of reconstructive surgery, which also encompasses the treatment of burn wounds and craniofacial surgery.

24. Customer Success Manager

Average Salary: £65,760 per year

One of the most promising sales positions is customer success manager. But that is not a sales representative position. Instead, they frequently balance the divide between corporate interests and those of the customers and between product knowledge and consumer insight. 

An innovative cross between customer care and sales, customer success managers. Their goal is to help clients make the transition from being prospective users to being active users.

25. Back End Developer

Average Salary: £91,000 per year

A back-end developer is in charge of a web application’s server. To be eligible for the position, you must be an exceptional programmer, coder, tech expert in the specified operating systems, and insightful. However, a back-end developer’s base pay is £56,012, depending on location and competence.

Which Sectors Offer The Best Pay In The UK?

Increase Your Prospects For Success -

High-paying jobs are still open in public and private sectors, depending on your preference. You may choose a prosperous professional path and achieve the job satisfaction you desire. Because specific industries and professions compensate more than others, you should consider the sectors that provide the highest paid jobs.

There are several employment options in the public sector and make a lot of money, but the best-paid positions in this field demand a lot of expertise and tenure. Capital markets and the banking sector are two industries with high salary levels in private corporations since they focus on generating more revenue.

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  1. Due to the risks associated with the best jobs in the UK and the level of competence required, doctors and surgeons frequently earn significant incomes. 
  2. Healthcare is another industry with a lot of high-paying positions. However, your skills and experience are essential. 
  3. Therefore, you should research these specializations and consider getting certification to assist you in landing a high-paying, satisfying position. 
  4. If you desire to increase your earnings, enter a profession that requires expertise, providing you with better pay prospects.

What Elements Result In High Average Salaries In The UK?

Increase Your Prospects For Success -

In the UK, various career options are available, and earnings are high enough to support your objectives financially. Several variables affect the average income for any given employment. However, the United Kingdom has become one of the most desirable nations to reside in and develop an excellent job for a livelihood.

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Due to its enticing professional options and surging earnings high enough to meet their monetary ambitions. Key factors that affect being a high earner in a career across the labor market are listed below.

Knowledge And Training

In general, you are eligible for higher-paying employment the more education or certifications you possess. While applying to well-paying employment, further education and experience might help you stand out from the competition.


Although most remote jobs pay well and represent the market average, their earnings are frequently lower than those of individuals who must work in an office or other physical location. Therefore, consider where you wish to work and how beginning salaries vary depending on the business environment.

Maturity Level

According to reports, employees between the ages of 40 and 49 are among the highest paid since they have amassed at least 15 years of work experience by this time. High performers can start earning money early in their careers, regardless of age. 

Employees of any age can hold high-paying positions such as investment manager, financial consultant, software engineer, computer technician, and others; expertise, mindset, and learning are more critical factors in the best-paying employment than age.

Profession Or Sector

Working in one of these growing areas may also enhance your income potential because several businesses, such as infrastructure, electricity, transportation, and advertising, have experienced a surge in recent years.

How To Increase Your Prospects For Success To Get High Paying Jobs In The UK

25 Best Paying Jobs In UK Right Now -

If you wish to secure one of the well paid jobs available, either switching careers or starting over as a recent graduate, you should be sure to prepare ahead. Ensure to improve your chances of landing your ideal job if you’re motivated and desire to land a well-compensated position.

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Here are some suggestions to get you on the appropriate career path and good jobs that pay well.

Prepare To Start From The Very Beginning

Most top executives and highly compensated managers must merit promotions; they often do not begin at their current position. If you want to advance to a senior position, such as project manager, you must be willing to start at the bottom and climb the ladder.

Pick The Relevant Sector

To obtain a feel of the people who have jobs that pay well UK, read job requirements and stories published by those people. Finding a career in the proper specialty that you like performing is the initial step to getting the appropriate salary.

Make A Career Plan And Take Significant Training

This strategy will give you more alternatives when looking for employment in your desired market. It will assist you in landing the position you’ve always wanted. Planning your profession and figuring out how to land your dream job are essential to ensure you obtain the pay and job you desire.

The following section will examine the different jobs and learn more about the highest paying job.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Get Some Best Paying Jobs Without Degree In The UK?

If you desire employment in the food industry but lack formal education, you can work as a private chef. Private chefs, however, can work as chefs without receiving a professional degree. For the Head of Customer Service position, several firms are ready to recruit people without a degree if they have strong organizational and communication abilities. Working as a train driver is among the finest ways to earn a comfortable life without a degree.

2. What Are Some Worst Paying Jobs In The UK?

Sweeping and cleaning need a lot of labor. However, the average annual wage for cleaners, including residential and commercial, is £10,635. Thus, one of the lowest-paying jobs in the UK is cleaning. Regardless of the wide breadth of intellectual achievements required, teaching assistants typically make £12,291 a year. 

Dispensers are employed at the pharmacy’s entrance. They offer advice on over-the-counter cures and ensure the proper prescriptions are given. For this position, extensive training and certification are needed. However, the average annual take-home salary is only £12,920.

3. How Much Is The Minimum Wages Rate In The UK Now?

The Actual Minimum Income has increased by 10.1% over the past year since September 22, 2022, and is currently £10.90 across the UK and £11.95 in London. More than 390,000 employees now paid by 11,000 firms would also be affected.

4. Is There Any Effects On The Jobs Market Of The UK For The Current Govt. Change?

The economy would see a boost in the wage growth rate if more high-paying employment were available after alterations to the UK workforce’s general structure. New governance structures are being put in place to facilitate the adoption and implementation of high-quality standards for UK economic data. 

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