Samuel Newton

Samuel Newton

Hello. I’m a senior UK-based career consultant helping clients across industries achieve their career and business goals. My dedication and high-quality guidance have earned me appreciation as  a trusted expert in my sector.

My Qualification

I hold a BSc in Management from UCL and an MA in Coaching fromWarwick. I’m a member of the CDI and have several industry-specific (career guidance and development, career coaching) certifications.

My Expertise

I’ve provided career guidance and support for HR professionals across industries, including finance (Legal & General, Prudential), healthcare (GE, GW Pharmaceuticals) and technology (BearingPoint, KPMG). I’m skilled in helping clients identify their strengths, use and hone their skills and create a clear path that aligns with their personal and professional goals.

My Experience

I’ve spent over 15 years in career development and worked with clients across various sectors, including private and public (department of education, Government of UK; Home Office, Government of UK). I understand the current job market and am adept at providing tailored guidance to each client.

My Projects

I do career coaching, CV and cover letter writing, personal and technical interview preparation and job search strategies. I’ve provided career development services to several large organisations, including banks, law firms (Pinsent Masons, Eversheds Sutherland) and healthcare providers.

My Publications


My career consultancy is dedicated to helping clients achieve their career goals in a time-bound manner. My expertise, attention to detail and commitment to pursue excellence has earned me trust in my domain. I’m the person if you’re looking for time-bound, top-quality career guidance.