Patrick Dobson

Patrick Dobson

Hello. I’m Patrick Dobson, a finance expert with a passion for discovering and discussing new opportunities in finance, and in the UK-based job market. My years of industry experience have helped me gain insights into the recruitment process and thereby help many individuals achieve their career goals.

My Qualification

I have a bachelor's in Finance from the University of Manchester and an MBA from Oxford. I also hold several professional certifications in finance (CFA, CFP) and recruitment (Recruitment & Employment Confederation).

My Expertise

I handle recruitments – junior, mid-level and senior – in finance and have a good understanding of the broader UK-based job market. My workshops on career choices in finance, upskilling and core and advanced concepts in finance help identify new opportunities in finance. My rigorous assessments help me evaluate your fit for specific roles.

My Experience

I’ve been with several recruitment agencies in the UK (Randstad, Baker Charles), gaining valuable experience in their recruitment process. My background in finance helps me understand the unique needs of finance organisations when it comes to hiring and retaining talent. I provide one-on-one career coaching – I’m CIPD-certified – to individuals looking to advance their careers in finance.

My Projects

My projects include providing career advice to individuals looking to transition into the finance industry and helping finance organisations (Lloyds Banking Group, Clydesdale Bank) build and retain capable teams. I’be mentored hiring managers on how to excel in their recruitment process and fortify their own careers en route.

My Publications


I am a  finance expert who helps individuals identify unknown opportunities in finance and build rewarding careers thereby.. My expertise and dedication helping individuals achieve their career goals have earned me a reputation as a top recruiter and career coach. I’m well positioned to help individuals and organisations achieve and sustain success in their careers and recruitment process, respectively.