Leo Lewis

Leo Lewis

I’m an accomplished career coach with extensive experience in helping European and UK-based clients build rewarding careers in construction and civil engineering.

My Qualification

I have a master's in civil engineering from the University of Manchester. My certifications (CDI) in career coaching and leadership development have enabled me to develop effective strategies for individuals to achieve their career objectives.

My Expertise

My in-depth understanding of the construction and civil engineering industry, including its trends, challenges and opportunities, makes me adept at developing customised career plans for aspiring and seasoned civil engineers, based on their unique strengths and career aspirations. I often conduct innovative workshops on job search strategies, interview techniques and salary negotiations.

My Experience

Fifteen wonderful years in coaching and leadership development have gone by. My focus on construction and civil engineering has acquainted me with enterprising individuals and organisations (Interserve plc, Sir Robert McAlpine) across the UK and Europe, and I’ve been helping individuals advance their careers. I also train and mentor junior professionals in civil engineering.

My Projects

I’ve worked on high-profile projects in construction and civil engineering, including the construction of a major bridge in London and the development of a new commercial district in Frankfurt. I’ve also advised on the career development of professionals working on large-scale infrastructure projects in the UK and Europe.

My Publications


My skills as a career coach help those in or aspiring to be  in the construction and civil engineering industry.  My personalised approach and industry knowledge help individuals achieve their career objectives and inspire them to reach their full potential.