Amelia Sanderson

Mrs Amelia Sanderson is a seasoned career coach with expertise in construction and civil engineering in the UK-and-Europe job market. She has helped many professionals excel in their careers by strategising timely guidance tailored to one’s unique strengths and career aspirations.

My Qualification

I did a bachelor's in civil engineering from the University of Bristol and an MBA from Cambridge. My certifications (CIPD, CDI) in career coaching and leadership development equip me with the skills and knowledge necessary to help individuals achieve their career goals.

My Expertise

I deeply understand the construction and civil engineering industry in the UK, including its trends, challenges and emerging opportunities. I design effective career plans aligned with my clients' time-bound aspirations. My guidance on clever job search strategies, interview techniques and salary negotiations help clients create gainful employment opportunities.

My Experience

I’m 20 years into career coaching and leadership development, with a focus on the construction and civil engineering sector. Across the UK and Europe, I’ve helped many individuals advance their careers and firms achieve their business expansion goals. I often train and mentor junior civil engineers.

My Projects

I’ve designed and implemented the construction of a major airport terminal in London and a new industrial park in Berlin. I often advise career development professionals, my peers i.e., working on large-scale infrastructure projects in the UK and Europe.

My Publications


My skills in career coaching, with extensive experience in the construction and civil engineering industry, see my creating effective career plans to help civil engineers, seasoned and aspiring,  excel in their professions. With my timely guidance and support, my clients are happy and keep coming back to me often.