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Jane Fitzpatrick's Story

“I wrote my CV and applied to several jobs. But from nowhere did I get a call. I was frustrated and didn’t know how to overcome the situation.”

About Jane's Journey

Experience: 7+ years.

Previous Job: Customer Support.

Goal: To get a better position and compensation.

After spending most of her career as a customer support executive, Jane diligently developed relevant additional skills to be considered for a senior position. Jane wanted to do something bigger and better than her present job.

How We Helped Her

Jane reached out to us. She spoke with one of our professional CV writers who understood her career goals and aspirations for the specific industry. After that, our pro team of CV experts enthusiastically crafted a new CV for Jane. Experts optimised it with Jane’s relevant skills and the right CV structure for acceptance by UK employers. Our team highlighted her transferable skills and relevant accomplishments effectively to showcase her role in the specific industry.

Transferable and targeted

Experts worked with Jane to identify the specific skills along with her work experience.These skills were highly transferable to her target job.

Call it out

Jane’s new CV was crafted with a precise work summary and her strengths. The employer could also see her expertise and career goals easily.

Style matters

Our expert CV maker also reformatted Jane’s CV. Thus, her CV had a polished and clean look. It was precisely the way recruiters and employers in the UK required.

See The Change By Yourself

Guess what! I received a professional CV from iCover and submitted the same to some companies in the UK. Within 15 days, I had three offers, which was possible due to my updated CV structure made by iCover. ” — Jane

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Early Career CV

0-3 Years’ Experience


 2-Day Turnaround Average

Next Step CV

3-10 Years’ Experience


 2-Day Turnaround Average

Advanced Career CV

Over 10 Years’ Experience


 2-Day Turnaround Average

Specialist CV

For Niche Professions


 5-Day Turnaround Average

Early Career Package Deal

0-3 Years’ Experience


  • Cover Letter
  • Early Career CV
  • LinkedIn Profile

Next Step Package Deal

3-10 Years’ Experience


  • Cover Letter
  • Next Step CV
  • LinkedIn Profile

Advanced Career Package Deal

Over 10 Years’ Experience


  • Cover Letter
  • Advanced Career CV
  • LinkedIn Profile

Specialist Package Deal

For Niche Professions


  • Cover Letter
  • Specialist CV
  • LinkedIn Profile

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