Scott Howells

Scott Howells

Welcome. I, Scott Howells, am an experienced career coach who loves helping individuals achieve their potential. My HRM has helped many advance quicker in their careers, up their job satisfaction and reach their goals.

My Qualification

I graduated with an MSc Honors in HRM from the University of London. My academic achievements prove my commitment to pursue excellence and dedication to furthering my knowledge in my domain. I have successfully completed the Advanced Executive Coaching Programme from Cambridge.

My Expertise

I specialise in career development, job search strategies, cover letter and resume writing, interview coaching and leadership coaching. With experience, I have developed a deeper understanding of the emerging job market and the skills and qualities employers need in their prospective candidates.

My Experience

I’ve spent over 10 years in career coaching. Having worked with entry-level employees, mid-career professionals and senior executives across industries and backgrounds, I’ve also collaborated with HR departments (Voyage Care, Guidehouse) to develop and implement employee training programmes and provided leadership coaching to managers and C-suite executives (William Clarence Education, Campbell Tickell).

My Projects

My projects span career transitions, job promotions, mentoring C-suite executives, salary negotiations and job searches. I have developed and implemented training programmes on communication skills, leadership development and conflict resolution.

My Publications


My passion for career development makes me invaluable to anyone seeking to advance their careers. Whether you are just starting out in your career or are a seasoned professional, my knowledge and skills can help you avoid common pitfalls and act with confidence.