Sarah Hudson

Sarah Hudson

Hello. I’m a respected UK-based CV writer and cover letter writer. I try using unique techniques in crafting effective job applications in the proper British format for UK-based professionals and international job seekers keen to work long-term in the UK.

My Qualification

I did a BA in English Literature from Cambridge and an MA in Journalism from the London College of Communication. I’ve done several professional certifications in CV writing (CPRW) and career coaching (CDI).

My Expertise

With over 13 years in career development, my understanding of the UK and international job markets help me in conceiving, designing and implementing innovative job search strategies, interview preparation and resume writing. My skills in cover letter writing have helped many clients craft compelling cover letters to highlight their unique skills and experiences.

My Experience

I started at a leading recruitment agency (Nolan Recruitment) in Cheshire, where I helped job seekers from diverse backgrounds. I then embarked on freelance career consulting, where I honed my skills in resume building and cover letter writing. Today, I have my career consultancy to help natives and non-native job seekers navigate the UK job market with ease.

My Projects

Throughout my career, I’ve been involved in several high-profile projects. Notably, I played a crucial role in implementing a job search campaign for a group of international (ESL) students seeking permanent UK-based employment. My approach and know-how resulted in this group of students securing employment in their desired sectors. I’ve also worked with clients in finance (HomeServe, Dojo), healthcare (Choice Support, Agilent) and technology (Expedia Group, Salesforce) to help them implement innovative CV writing workshops, conduct workshops on writing better job specifications and coach their HR personnel to coach employees on how to up productivity sans inviting pressure.

My Publications


My skills as an experienced career consultant specialising in CV writing, cover letter writing and coaching HR personnel has helped many clients successfully manage the complexities of the UK job market. Let me partner with you to guide you on your journey to career success.