Ethan Naylor

Ethan Naylor

Hello. This is Ethan Naylor, a talented HR coordinator and job-related documentation expert  delivering consistent HR services to UK-based businesses. With a passion for helping companies thrive, I’ve established myself as a trusted professional in human resources.

My Qualification

I have a bachelor’s in Engineering Business Management from Warwick. I did a taught master’s in strategic Human Resource Management from Warwick. My industry (HRM) certifications (CIPD) keep me busy.

My Expertise

I provide businesses with comprehensive HR support and best practices, from recruitment and talent management to employee relations and compliance. My job-related documentation develops compelling job descriptions, employment contracts and easy-to-implement business policies (GRC, ethics).

My Experience

I’ve spent 12 years in HR coordination, HR support and job-related documentation, having worked with businesses of all sizes across multiple industries. My timely insights and expert advice on various HR issues help companies attract, retain and manage top talent while ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

My Projects

I’ve designed, developed and implemented several successful HR coordination projects, including recruitment drives for entry-level and senior-level professionals, employee onboarding initiatives and performance management projects. My job-related documentation projects for clients ensure clarity, precision and legal compliance, reflecting each business's unique needs, targets and values.

My Publications


I’m  a talented, self-made HR coordinator and job-related documentation expert passionate about delivering exceptional HR services to UK-based businesses. My expertise and experience have helped me improve my clients’ HR processes and job-related documentation. Looking for a reliable, knowledgeable HR professional to support and improve your people management for your business? Do reach me.