What Is Garden Leave: Do You Need It? This Will Help You to Decide!

What is garden leave? What does gardening leave mean? Can you start a new job while on gardening leave and define garden Leave here?

Garden leave is the word most widely used in the financial business in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

This leave’s limiting nature, and unfavorable effects can make it less than desirable, despite the pleasant-sounding name Employers use Garden leave as a preventative measure to ensure that losing crucial personnel won’t negatively affect a company’s standing or ongoing success. Generally speaking, using garden leave has a price and comes with some hazards for the company.

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How does Garden Leave Work?

Garden leave is a workplace policy that employers may use during an employee’s notice period. Employees who give or receive notice of termination of employment are instructed to avoid reporting to work during this employee’s contractual notice period.

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When an employee is fired or submits their resignation, a company may use Garden leave to protect goodwill. When it is in effect, it frequently prevents the gardening leave employee rights United Kingdom from engaging in any work-related activities for their current employer and usually prevents them from taking on other job opportunities or starting their own business.

How does Garden Leave Work

Advantages of Garden Leave

Garden leave have several business and legal advantages. These advantages may include:

  • Sure the departing employee is accessible if the employer has questions or needs assistance with a handover to the other employees.
  • Keeping the departing employee away from client contact information, other sensitive information, or confidential corporate data and stopping them from misusing that data will stop them from contacting clients or colleagues.
  • Keeping a departing employee away from the market long enough for whatever knowledge they may already possess that could be beneficial to a rival to become outdated
  • Preventing a worker from working for another company or conducting a self-employed capacity until the notice period is over.
  • Once the notice period has passed, employers cannot act against the employer’s business interests.
  • Ensuring all contractual clauses obligations, such as the worker’s fiduciary and confidentiality obligations, are upheld during their gardening leave.
Advantages of Garden Leave

Disadvantages of Garden Leave

Despite the substantial advantages of gardening leave, there can also be several disadvantages for an employee on garden leave.

  • The equivalent of taking a gardening break, the employee remains on the payroll.
  • The employee contract shall remain in effect for the garden leave, entitling the employee to regular salary and other contractual advantages. This may cost the employer and the company money, mainly if an employee’s successor has been found before the retiring employee’s contractual duties have ended.
  • Requires compliance with complex, fluid legislation that may limit certain parts of the garden leave
  • It may hurt how prospective employers perceive you.
Disadvantages of Garden Leave

Is clause “Garden leave” Beneficial For Employees?

Employees on garden leave are still entitled to work privileges and benefits, including paid time off for illnesses. Without going to the office, they continue to be paid. They are not legally permitted to work for themselves or another corporation.

When negotiating their departure, an employee can request Garden leave. Of course, it is simpler for the employee to request Garden Leave if specified in the employment contract.

Is gardening leave beneficial for employees

Should Garden leave be avoided during an employee’s notice period?

Given the costs of the garden leave clause, businesses should consider keeping a departing employee on a contract if doing so will affect the company’s financial resources.

As a less expensive alternative to garden leave, compensation instead of notice clauses and post-termination restrictive covenants can protect the employer’s economic interests. However, these clauses are potentially more challenging to implement.

Any employer who wants to put a worker on garden leave must first make sure that their employment contract contains an express provision allowing them to do so for minimal impact.

Reasons for gardening leave

However, there is a chance of a violation, so an employer should be encouraged to utilize gardening leave. Instead, the duration of the restrictive covenant should be maintained to a minimum and no longer than necessary to safeguard the employer’s business interests.

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In what cases company can offer Garden leaves to senior employees?

The “Garden leave” provision in an employment contract is most frequently invoked when an employee leaves to work for a rival company.

This is a “buffer zone” between their present position and their intended future. This stops them from knowing any sensitive business knowledge so they won’t divulge it to a rival.

Putting a worker on gardening leave redundancy enables someone else to enter their former position without interference.

Before granting an employee garden leave, there are several things to consider surrounding the employee’s departure. The company considers if this is specified in their employment contracts, the extent of the employee’s access to sensitive company data, and, most importantly, the associated employer’s expense. A gardening leave letter is usually given to more Senior Employees.

What The British Gov Says About Garden Leave UK

Employees are entitled to the same pay and contractual benefits throughout this time, says the official UK government information website

Restrictive covenants are mentioned in the gov. UK website as an integral element of giving notice when leaving a job, even though they are not expressly linked to gardening leave in the United Kingdom.

It’s also no accident that when employees submit their resignations, they are reminded that There might be clauses in your contract that specify you can’t work for a rival or have contact with customers for some time after you leave the company. Your employer may sue you if you violate the contractually mandated restrictive covenants.

Pro Tips For Employees When You Are Getting Garden Leaves

What happens if you don’t work your notice UK? One of the various measures available to an employer to help guard against potential mischief by an employee during their notice period is gardening leave. This is crucial if the employee leaving has lasting and lucrative client ties. The employer can utilize the gardening leave clause to reassert its position with clients before the employee departs and the clients follow.

However, businesses should always proceed cautiously when deciding to put a worker on gardening leave, evaluating the benefits and drawbacks of keeping the departing worker away from the company information while maintaining them on a contract and seek legal advice before including it within the contract.

Pro Tips For Employees about garden leave

The following helpful advice can give organizations several practical strategies to establish a successful gardening leave meaning to run smoothly during the period of garden leave.

  • Include a thoughtfully crafted contractual clause regarding gardening leave in the employee’s contract of all senior employees and key personnel, and inform them of the nature and scope of these clauses and how they will affect them if their employment is terminated. The employer will increase the likelihood of compliance in this way.
  • Any gardening leave clause should be tailored to the employee’s job, seniority, and notice period in issue, ensuring its scope is limited to protecting the company’s legitimate interests and not unduly limiting the employee’s ability to leave. The employer will increase the chances of enforcement in this way.
  • Make an employee’s contract that specifies that any post-termination limits on the employer’s business will be shortened by the time the person spent on garden leave. In this approach, any subsequent time of restraint after the contract’s termination will be shortened, increasing the likelihood that the courts will uphold any limiting agreement.

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A company may put a departing employee on garden leave to safeguard corporate property and confidential information and maintain business interests after an employee exits. Before their intended resignation, the employee’s scope of work is frequently reduced by this compensated garden leave period. The employee will also have many limitations placed on what they can do, what they can access, and who they can interact with before they leave.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the rules of Garden Leave?

An employee on gardening leave is not required to report to work but is still paid by their employer for the duration of their notice period and is still receiving their full salary. During this time of notice, the employee is not required to perform their duties.

2. Is Garden Leave full pay?

Gardening leave is the same as suspending an employee with pay. The contract shall remain in effect for the gardening leave, entitling the employee to full salary and other contractual advantages.

3. Can I go on holiday during garden leave?

A worker should only plan to travel while on garden leave if the existing employer has given the go-ahead. Additionally, the employer has the right to require the employee to use any accumulated vacation time while on garden leave.

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