Top 10 Tips to Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

It is always important to make sure that your cover letter stands out so that recruiters get a brief description of you, enough to make them read your CV with the hope that they agree that you are good for the job they are recruiting for and want to invite you for an interview.

Below are some ways in which you can make your cover letter stand out from the crowd.

cover letter stand out

Clearly typed in a good font

It’s so important to make sure that your cover letter can be read easily. Don’t use Italics and hard to read fonts as people won’t want to bother and it also creates an unprofessional impression. If you are good for the job, make sure that your recruiter can read it easily.


Make sure when you are writing your covering letter that you structure it well so that each paragraph follows onto the next so that the reader can follow what you are trying to tell them with ease and it allows them to build up a good picture of you and your skills.

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Second paragraph selling yourself

Make sure your second paragraph on your covering letter sells yourself, your skills and what you can do for the company you are applying for and how you could do the role they are recruiting for. This is what the recruiter wants to read before moving on to your CV, this is where they decide if to continue reading so make it to the point and related to the job.

Shows that you have read the job you are applying for

Make sure your opening paragraph refers to the job that you are applying for, using any job references or locations on the advert. You need to demonstrate to your recruiter that you have paid attention and that you pay great attention to detail and are focused.

Provides your contact details

Giving your contact details on the bottom of a cover letter allows your recruiter to be able to contact you easily without having to scour your CV for your contact details. Don’t forget that recruiters will only spend a couple of seconds with your application so make sure everything is perfect.

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Gives the recruiter an indication of your salary and when you are available

By giving the recruiter the information that they will require and making it easy for them to find what they are looking for will really help you. By telling them what salary you are on or what you are looking for allows them to think if you are right for the role and whether they are able to work in that salary bracket. After all, there is no point giving anyone false hope.

Shows that you are a good match for the role

If your letter shows that the skills you possess are what the job advert states and your recruiter can read that easily then they will want to read on and take a look at your CV. Use the same buzz words that they have used in their adverts so that they look at those and realise it matches with their requirements.

Tailor it to your job type

For example, if you are in media, marketing or a creative role, it might be an idea to your covering letter so that it appeals visually to a creative recruiter.

Include some links or examples of your work

If you have any examples of your work or links to work that you have done, make reference to these in your covering letter so that clearly your recruiter can just click on them or look at them for more information.

Is overall written well

Make sure that overall your covering letter reads well, it’s not too long, keep it to an A4 side and make sure that the information you include is relevant and important to the recruiter not full of waffle.

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