The Best Retail CV Templates for 2020

Writing your CV or even updating before using it for your job applications is one of the most important task. Are CVs still valid? Yes, they are still widely used by the industry. Yes they are still valid and wanted by the employers. Yes, they are still most wanted when you are applying for a job. Yes, there are online job applications and you have to fill hundreds of sections to fill however employers still want you to upload your CV.

So, 2020 is nearly here, maybe it will be already 2020 by the time you read this article. Since the CVs are still being used in 2020 then why not write one that will be suitable for you.

Do never forget that your CV has only a few seconds to be seen in the eyes of HR people (if not a Machine) so this is a serious situation to be taken seriously. You can’t just download a CV template replace the information and use it. You will have to take time when writing it.

Be honest!

Don’t lie, it will eventually be caught. Once you lie then you will have to remember it all the time. Tell the truth even if you think they won’t look good for you on your application. Trust us, a honest applicant has more chance then those who lies with better qualifications.

If you too wish to get an apprenticeship program with honesty, you must look at the apprentice cv example.

Be unique!

Don’t just copy and paste. Robots, Machines or lets call it Applicant Tracking System will catch you! Your application will be sent to trash. Do not take risk with your career. All you need to be unique.

Download our templates but do not send it or use it yet!!! Amend it perfectly and make it yours.

How about Grammar? Spellings?

We are not perfect so we do many mistakes on our writings (including this article) but our CVs and Cover Letters are not the areas that we are allowed to make grammar or spelling mistakes!

Use programs, friends or CV writing professionals to check out writings. That’s it, we are done!

Retail CV Templates for 2020

Check out our Templates for Retail careers.

#1 Merchandiser CV Example2020

Merchandiser CV Example 2020

#2Retail Supervisor CV Example 2020

Retail Supervisor CV Template

#3 Retail Assistant CV Example 2020

Retail Assistant CV Template 2020

#4 Customer Service Assistant CV Example 2020

 Customer Service Assistant CV Example

#5 Sales Assistant CV Example 2020

Sales Assistant CV Template 2020


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