The Best Cover Letter Examples 2020

A cover letter is a great way to tell the employer why you are the right person for the job. Those letters can be called motivation letters as well. Covering letters are still widely used in job applications. Many employers ask applicants to upload their covering letters whether it’s an online application or not.

You need to keep your letter simple and focused on your previous work experience and achievements rather than what possibly you can do if you get the job.

You need to write an excellent covering letter as this is an important part of your job application. Securing an interview is mostly depending on your application letter so make sure that it is good enough.


Keep it short as possible. Employers and HR people don’t have all the time on earth. You probably have a couple of seconds to convince the employer.


Example Cover Letter Format that Gets you an Interview


  • Uniqueness can be a key
  • Your letter has to shine in the crowd
  • Using Testimonials can make you different from others
  • Your letter should match the job description

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#1 Administrator Cover Letter 2020

Download our Administrator application letter now however don’t use it as is. You will have to amend it as suitable before using it for your job hunt.

administrator cover letter 2020

#2Sales Assistant Cover Letter Example 2020

If you are going to apply for a Sales Assistant position and they asked you to upload a covering letter then why not use this one? Don’t forget to replace the information with your own one!

#3 Retail Assistant Cover Letter Example 2020

There are thousands of Retail job vacancies on the market today. If you are going to apply for one or many of them then this letter can be very helpful for you.

Retail assisstant cover letter 2020

#4 Cover Letter for a Teacher

You would need to write a cover letter to explain your situation if you are applying for a Teaching job.

Teacher cover letter 2020

#5Software Tester Cover Letter Example 2020

As an IT professional you will need to have an outstanding letter to list your previous achievements and work experience. Here is a good example for you:

Software Tester cover letter

#6 Web Designer Cover Letter Example 2020

Web Designers need to have a great portfolio to show off on job applications. You can list your great work on a cover letter.

web designer cover letter 2020

#7 Waitress Cover Letter Example 2020

you can easily apply for Waiting jobs via an application letter below:

Waitress cover letter 2020

#8 Cover Letter for a Receptionist 2020

You can use the following sample letter on your Receptionist job application. You should amend it as suitable before sending it to the employers.

Receptionist cover letter

#9 Customer Services Assistant Cover Letter 2020 has written a great example of a covering letter for you to use in your job applications. Check it out:

Customer services assistant 2020

#10 Kitchen Assistant Cover Letter 2020

Apply for Kitchen Assistant jobs via our covering letter below. Don’t forget to replace the information with your own one:

Kitchen assistant cover letter 2020

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