Social Media Executive Job Description

Experience will count more than academic qualifications in this position, so companies will be looking for experience in a similar role or generally in social media.

Entry Requirements

You will need to have a proven record with examples of leading social media campaigns and strategies, and experience of using the latest social media tools.

You will also need to have evidence of customer service skills, and networking skills as it is likely that you will need to work with others in the industry to promote the company brand. Employers will also be looking for people with a passion for social media and the digital industry.

It is also possible to train in social media through a college course or a training company. Various social media workshops are also available, and these are typically run over 1 or 2 days. This will show that you are serious about a career in social media and also provide some practical advice about working in social media.

Job Description

A Social Media Executive will develop and implement a social media strategy, and manage social media sites. They will also monitor customer issues and sometimes liaise with customers to answer their queries or problems. In this position, you will monitor trends and popular social media tools, and implement social media campaigns such as competitions or promotions. You will also monitor the internet for related topics, and attend conferences to promote corporate messages and promote the brand.

The Social Media Executive will also be responsible for executing marketing initiatives.

Working Hours

The working hours of a Social Media Executive may vary widely because if you are handling customer enquiries, this could involve some unsociable hours. Typically, this will be a minimum of 35 hours per week.

Skills and Training Development

You will need to have a passion for social media and people in general; after all, the concept of social media is about people interacting with each other. As a Social Media Executive, you will also be looking at maximising the brand’s awareness so networking with others and having great interpersonal skills will be key.

Courses in social media are widely available, and there are usually opportunities for promotion depending on how big your team is.


The starting salary for a Social Media Executive is typically around £20,000 and this can rise to around £32,000 with experience. The remuneration package can also include bonuses which will be in addition to the basic salary.

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