LinkedIn Networking Etiquette: The UK Guide

LinkedIn has emerged as a powerhouse platform for professionals in the UK and globally. It’s more than just a space to showcase your CV. 

It’s a dynamic network. Building connections, engaging with content, and following industry leaders can significantly impact your professional journey. 

But, navigating LinkedIn requires an understanding of certain etiquettes. This is especially important in the UK market. In this blog post, we will delve deep into the intricacies of LinkedIn networking etiquette.

LinkedIn Follow vs. Connect

LinkedIn Follow vs. Connect

Understanding the difference between following and connecting on LinkedIn is crucial. Following allows you to see someone’s updates and articles in your feed. It does this without directly linking your profiles. 

On the other hand, connecting is a deeper engagement, akin to adding someone to your professional network. It’s a mutual relationship where both parties can see each other’s posts and network. 

In the UK, it’s often advised to follow industry leaders or influencers you admire. Reserve connections for individuals you’ve interacted with or want a professional relationship with.

Connect on LinkedIn: The Right Approach

When sending a connection request on LinkedIn in the UK, personalize your approach. A generic request is less likely to be accepted than one with a personalized message. 

Briefly mention where you met them (if applicable), your mutual interests, or why you’d like to connect. This personal touch not only shows professionalism but also sets the tone for a potentially fruitful professional relationship.

Building Connections on LinkedIn

Building Connections on LinkedIn

Building connections on LinkedIn isn’t just about increasing the number of contacts. It’s about creating meaningful professional relationships.

 To do this effectively in the UK, actively engage with the content of your connections, participate in discussions, and share relevant articles or insights. This approach demonstrates your interest and expertise, making your connections more meaningful.

UK LinkedIn Profile Etiquette

Your LinkedIn profile serves as the first digital impression you make on others.  In the UK, a complete and professional profile is essential. 

This includes a professional photo and a detailed summary highlighting your skills and experience. It also includes a comprehensive work history. Endorsements and recommendations add credibility. 

Don’t hesitate to ask colleagues or former employers for them. Remember, your profile is a reflection of your professional persona.

Networking on LinkedIn in the UK

Networking on LinkedIn in the UK

Networking on LinkedIn in the UK goes beyond just connecting with others. To expand your network and stay informed, consider joining groups that align with your interests or profession. 

Engage in discussions and attend virtual events to connect with like-minded individuals and learn from industry experts.

These activities not only enhance your visibility but also show your active participation in your field. Commenting on posts, sharing insights, and even posting original content can significantly amplify your networking efforts.

LinkedIn Connection Requests in the UK

Remember that etiquette matters when requesting to connect with someone in the UK. Along with a personalized message, ensure that your reason for connecting is clear and professional. 

Avoid aggressive sales pitches or demanding job requests. Instead, focus on mutual interests or industry-related topics. This approach makes your request more appealing and respectful.

LinkedIn Networking Tips

UK LinkedIn Engagement Tips

Effective networking on LinkedIn requires a strategic approach. Here are some quick tips:

1. Be Active 

Regularly post, comment, and engage with content.

2. Be Professional

 Maintain a professional tone in all interactions.

3. Provide Value 

Share informative and beneficial content to your network.

4. Be Responsive

 Respond to messages and comments promptly.

5. Networking Goals 

Set clear goals for your LinkedIn networking activities.

UK LinkedIn Engagement Tips

LinkedIn Networking Tips

Engaging on LinkedIn is more than just scrolling through your feed. In the UK, professionals value insightful and constructive engagement. Here are some tips:

1. Comment thoughtfully

Add value through your comments. Ask a question, share an insight, or provide constructive feedback.

2. Share Relevant Content 

Share articles or posts that align with your industry and interests.

3. Acknowledge Others 

Recognize achievements, milestones, or interesting posts by your connections.

4. Stay Informed

 Keep up with industry news and trends to participate in relevant conversations.


Networking on LinkedIn in the UK requires professionalism, personalization, and active engagement. Understanding the subtleties of ‘LinkedIn follow vs connect’ is key. 

Tailoring your connection requests and maintaining an engaging, professional profile are important. By following these guidelines, you can use LinkedIn effectively. This will help you build meaningful professional relationships and advance your career.

Remember, LinkedIn is a tool not for finding opportunities but for creating them. By engaging strategically, you open doors to a world of professional possibilities. Happy networking!

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I approach someone I don’t know for networking on LinkedIn?

When reaching out to someone you don’t know, being polite and professional is important. Start by briefly introducing yourself and why you’re interested in connecting. Mention any common connections or interests, and be clear about your intentions or what you hope to gain from the connection.

Is it appropriate to ask for a job in a LinkedIn message?

It’s generally not advisable to ask for a job in your first message. Instead, focus on building a relationship first. You can express interest in the company or industry and ask for advice or insights. Once a rapport is established, you might then inquire about job opportunities.

How often should I post updates on LinkedIn?

The frequency of posts depends on your content’s nature and professional goals. A good rule of thumb is posting meaningful content once or twice weekly. This keeps your profile active and engaging without overwhelming your connections.

What is the best way to respond to a LinkedIn endorsement or recommendation?

If someone endorses your skills or writes you a recommendation, it’s courteous to thank them. You can also endorse their skills or offer to write a recommendation for them.

Is it okay to decline LinkedIn connection requests?

Yes, it’s acceptable to decline connection requests. This is especially true if they’re from people you don’t know or don’t share any relevant connections or interests with. Your LinkedIn network should be valuable and relevant to your professional life.

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