IT Helpdesk CV Example

An IT Helpdesk person provides support of an IT nature over the telephone usually in a call centre type setting where you will spend the bulk of your day on calls to different people trying to give them help and support of a variety of IT problems.

You will need to be a good communicator to do this role and have a lot of patience and understanding that some people are not technically minded so some problems could be relatively minor to you but cause people a lot of distress.

Having a background or some experience in customer service may help you in this role as it is similar in terms of providing a service to customers.

If you are in the process of applying for a job, please see the below CV example which you can use as a guide:

IT Helpdesk CV Example

Name Surname
Mobile No/Email


I am an excellent communicator and enjoy dealing with people as part of my daily work. I thrive on providing good service through my work and support.

My background in IT comes through support roles and I enjoy this aspect of IT as I get the chance to improve upon my communication and customer service skills as well as learn new IT skills along the way.

I am a self motivated person who likes to work in an organized and methodical manner. I am a good team player and am able to work well on my own as well as on my own initiative.


Date to Date or To Date – IT Helpdesk – Where?

In my role working on an IT Helpdesk, I provide telephone help and support to my customers. My responsibilities include:

Taking calls and following up with customers to help them to solve their IT problems
Assigning calls to my log and ensuring that these calls are completed and the cases closed
Completing any paperwork and follow ups for each case
Supporting colleagues in the office
Learning new sectors to be able to provide support on


University, College, School – For all include titles/subjects and qualifications.


Computer skills – MS Office, Excel??? (Aside from the topics that provide support on the helpdesk).
Training courses that you have been on yourself – Telephone Training, IT Training etc?


What do you like to do outside of work?


Available on request.

IT Helpdesk CV Example

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