How to Write a Resignation Letter UK? Get Detailed Knowledge Here

Are you looking forward to understanding how to write a resignation letter UK ? If yes, don’t worry. This blog will guide you with the details besides sharing the resignation letter template. If you are seeking to learn the way to write a resignation, it means you have decided to move on to your new job. 

We know that a resignation letter serves as written paperwork for your termination from a company. Usually, this paperwork is needed after you’ve expressed your intention to leave in person or via email.

But many of us still wonder if it is necessary or not. Well, before knowing the good resignation letter UK format, we should understand its necessity. Meanwhile, follow here to learn about CV writing services.

Why is it necessary to submit resignation letters to the company?

tips to follow to write a resignation letter

It is a fact that people need to serve one month’s notice period before leaving a company. And when you decide to leave, you need to inform HR in a formal letter. It is officially termed as a resignation letter. So, it is necessary to inform your line manager and HR department that you are quitting.

The letter assists HR in staying prepared when they need to refer to specifics like the last day of work in addition to serving as official documentation. Writing a resignation letter UK format is the proper technique to inform a company that you are not intending to continue working for them.

When you apply for a new job title, this action will establish your credibility as a responsible worker as you move through the correct policy channels. Even if you put in a simple that how to write a resignation letter UK, it is necessary.

Now that you know the significance of writing a resignation letter to your current employer, you might be thinking of the way of writing, isn’t it? No doubt, you will find several resignation letter UK templates in Google.

But it is OK if you can still not write a formal resignation letter. The below passage is all about that. So, let’s discover how to write a professional resignation letter. Also, if you want to go through the Supporting statement example, click here.

What tips to follow to write a resignation letter UK?

submit resignation letters to the company

One primary reason for putting a resignation letter formally is to present yourself to your current employer that even though you no longer want to work for them, you still respect them and want to keep a professional relationship. If you adhere to a few basic guidelines, writing a resignation letter may be simple. So, here is the way to give a formal notification through a resignation letter.

Give a proper introduction

Whether you put your resignation via email or paper, always use a business letter format. Mention the date and your contact information at the beginning of your writing. Following that, give a salutation to whom you are writing.

Moreover, you can add the company name after addressing the designation of the person you are writing the resignation letter.

Also, if you are willing to give your resignation via mail, please compose it from your personal email address.

Moreover, you should mention the company address besides mentioning your HR manager name. Meanwhile, click here to learn about the career change CV writing tips.

Mention your resignation

Here, you will express your willingness to quit to terminate your employment contract. Include the leaving date of your employment and a clear statement that you are writing to submit your formal resignation from your position with the company.

You should serve for at least two weeks notice period in your present workplace. In this way, you can maintain an excellent opportunity for you to maintain a positive relationship with your existing employer.

State your working experience

You need to be careful in this part. It is a fact that several of you might not leave the company with a good vibe.

You might have had a bitter experience during your work tenure. Don’t mention any negative thoughts in your resignation letter. It might look unprofessional. 

Be positive to avoid any exit interview or questions from the present workplace. Maintaining excellent ties in your professional life is a brilliant idea.

It will be easier to make a move smoothly if you write one or two words explaining how grateful you are for your work experience for the company.

Show gratefulness to your team members

Next, it’s essential to thank your manager and colleagues for the chance. Also, highlight some of the advantages and lessons you’ve gained from your current or former employer in the company.

Remember that you could need these individuals as references in the future, so make a good impression when parting ways.

Finish the letter with the company’s success

Always try to avoid giving any career advice and keep a professional tone. Wish the company success in the future. Finish by adding your name and a closing phrase like “Sincerely” or “Thank you.”

We hope it will be easier that, how to write a resignation letter UK, isn’t it? With the following tips, you can write your resignation in a professional manner.

Undoubtedly, Google will create several sample resignation letter templates with the required details for each corporate departure. This template should be altered to reflect your specific information and situation.

Resignation letters are a professional method to leave a company or a job gracefully. If you follow the correct format, it can aid in helping you and your direct manager end things peacefully.

Now that you know the British resignation letter writing format, you should know some things to avoid or add to your resignation letter.

What factors to consider to maintain resignation etiquette?

factors to consider to maintain resignation etiquette

The elements you include or exclude when writing a resignation letter are referred to as how to write a resignation letter UK and how to maintain the etiquettes. So, let’s take a look at first the things that you should add—-

Things to add in your letter of resignation

  • Declare your intention to resign in an explicit declaration. The fact that you are formally quitting your existing employment must be made clear from the start of your letter.
  • Mention your company’s name, position, and precise notice period. Always provide the exact date of your final day of employment.
  • You should explain your reasons for quitting your company. You can include how you’ve relocated, got a new job opportunity, thought of a career change, etc.

Things to exclude in a resignation letter

  • It’s essential to keep professionalism and to avoid criticising your management in any way. Consequences might include obtaining a negative reference, which could make it hard for you to get work in the future.
  • Do not excessively praise the firm in your writing. It could be interpreted as insulting and sarcastic. It’s best to maintain a neutral, upbeat, and professional tone.
  • In resignation letters, avoid being negative or disrespectful. Never criticise your coworkers or express your ideas about them.


To make sure you can keep a positive connection with your soon-to-be former employer, review these etiquette suggestions and tips for writing a resignation letter. Following this, consider how you may apply them to your resignation letter.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is resignation mandatory if leaving a job in the provision period?

Whether you are on probation or not, you must submit a proper resignation letter. Your employment cannot be terminated without giving notice unless the employer expressly permits it

2. What should not be included in the resignation letters?

Regardless of how you feel about your reasons for leaving, you should keep your resignation letter professional and avoid any offensive language. Therefore, avoid making any negative remarks in the letter.

3. How can you write a formal resignation letter?

You can adhere to some of these resignation letter suggestions:

  • First, speak with your management.
  • Keep it brief.
  • Employ a business letter format.
  • Include a phone number and email address.

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