How to Write a Cover Letter With No Experience

Trying to write a covering letter when you don’t have any previous experience has to be a very daunting task. It will take all your resources and research to think carefully about what you can offer a company and so they will take you seriously as interested and right for their company.

Below is some ideas on how to write a covering letter when you have no job experience.

Look at the skills that you have and match this to the company

Look carefully at what skills you have and if they are relevant to the company. Think about skills that you used in your school days as soon will cross over to the work place. Look at skills such as working in a group, doing presentations, organising, meeting deadlines etc. These are all skills that are used in every company and are important skills that all companies look for when they are recruiting so even when you think you do not have any direct experience you will have skills that are useful for a company it’s just a case of thinking what they are.

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Think why you specifically want to apply for that role with that company

What has drawn your attention to the company you are looking to apply to. Explain that in your cover letter stating what interests you in their role and their company.

Show that you have done your research into the company

Use examples of what research you have done into their company within your covering letter as this shows that you are resourceful and interested enough to look into their company information and what they do and you could explain what interests you from what you have found out and how you feel you could be involved.

Why do you want to apply for that job/that company

What interests you overall. Think about the role and the company and explain in your covering letter what it is that makes you want to apply for this role and how you feel that you would fit in and be able to do this role well. Employers will be looking for a good fit as well as experience so you need to be able to clearly demonstrate how you would fit in with no previous work experience.

Get someone to check your letter for content and grammar (proof reading and editing where necessary)

It’s essential to get someone to go through your letter and make sure that you have written it factually but that it is appealing to the person dealing with the recruitment. You do not want them dismissing the application purely down to experience, you want them to be drawn in enough to want to read past that and feel that yes with some training you could do the role they are looking for.

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What do you want to do?

Have you thought about what you want to do in 3-5 years? Can you explain that in your covering letter and match it up with the role that they have advertised. How does it fit? How do you see yourself achieving your goal and also is it in line with what the company’s view is and how they see the role turning out.

How can you gain experience that isn’t going to cost the company?

Look at the role in detail and see if there is any way you can do any training that is in your own time and not at a cost to the company. This will show that you have used your initiative and that you are prepared to do some training to gain experience and that you are also willing to do this in your own time. Visit the job centre and look online to see if there are any free courses you are able to do which may help.

Have you done any work experience through school or a Saturday job?

Have you done any work experience just to show that you have been in a working environment. This could be a week’s work experience through school or you could have had a Saturday job or delivering newspapers etc. Whatever the work that you have done, use this in your letter to show that you do have some knowledge of work and that you may be able to draw some skills from this.

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