How to Write a Cover Letter for an Engineer

It is important to get cover letters just right and to tailor it specifically to a particular role or industry so that the employer you are trying to target for a specific role can see exactly where your experience lies in relation to their recruitment opportunities.

The best way to get this accurate would be to follow the following tips and ideas to ensure that you do not forget anything in your application.

Go through your CV

Make sure that you go through your CV before attempting any kind of offer letter because if your CV is not up to date then you will not be able to write an accurate covering letter based on your skills and experiences to date. Make sure your engineering experience and qualifications are key throughout so that an employer can quickly see what you can do for them if they were to employ you.

Address the letter carefully

Make sure that you address the covering letter to either a specific person or to Sir or Madam depending on who the contact is. Sometimes this can be for example the HR department in which case when you do not know the name its best to address it to Sir or Madam to remain polite. Always emphasise the position that you are applying for in this case Engineering role and job reference.

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Follow the job description

It’s important to demonstrate that you have read the job description when doing your cover letter. The person reading your letter will want to know that you as an Engineer has the right background for their role and to get a brief synopsis about what you can do as an Engineer, what kind of engineering you studied and what you could help them with for their role.

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Your skills

Outline your skills carefully so if you go through your CV you will be able to pick out what skills you possess in relation to what the job description or advert details. It’s important to make sure that you draw as many similarities as you possibly can to ensure that the person reading your CV initially who may have little knowledge of Engineering can match skills from your CV to their job description.

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Your Education

Detail your education in relation to what the advert and job description requirements are. The closer you are to what the company are looking for, the better for you in terms of being chosen to be called for an interview. Remember that through recruitment agencies CV’s and letters can be skill checked via a computerised system so they are purely relying on words. If the advert says that you must have at least a 2:1 degree then make sure you detail this in your letter and add more details such as from what university and any specialism’s if they are related to the advert.


Detail your experience in your covering letter, relevant to your own skills but remember to be always matching the job role that you are applying for so that similarities are drawn when reading your letter. This will allow the interviewer or person reading your CV to make a quick decision about if you could do the job.

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Make your personal profile stand out

If your personal profile stands out then this will capture the person reading it who could be a Manager or a Human Resources Manager and they need to be interested quickly enough to want to look further into your CV. Pay particular attention to your engineering skills as this is what a potential new employer will be looking for and this will grab them quickly when reading your CV.

Emphasise your contact details

I know we all put our contact details on our CV but you want to make it easy for someone to contact you so put it on your covering letter to so that an employer can readily find your contact information.

Membership bodies

Are you part of any Engineering membership bodies that would be important as part of any application. If not maybe have a look into memberships and see if there is anything relevant that would look good on your CV and be good for your career and connections within Engineering.

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