General Cover Letter Template Example

General covering letter template example can be useful for you to apply for the latest job vacancies. You should amend this example as suitable first and use it for your job applications in the UK.

General Cover Letter Template Example

Mr John Brown
222 Every Road
Any Town

Mrs Jane Smith (ensure that you address your application to a particular individual – if none is given in the advertisement, check the company’s website)
ABC Company
All Streets
Any Town


Dear Mrs Smith

Position of General Assistant

I saw the advertisement for the post of General Assistant on the XYZ website and am very keen to apply. (Try to mention your enthusiasm for the post or state why you want to work for the company – for example, its reputation or development opportunities.)

The second paragraph should be reserved for a description of your experience and responsibilities. Where possible, link these to the essential requirements of the post. If you have no experience, concentrate on your transferable skills and any unpaid or community work that you have undertaken. (Be specific where you can but make sure that you don’t replicate the content of your CV. Think of your proudest/strongest work moments and mention them.)

Take the opportunity in the next paragraph to talk about core skills such as problem solving, communications and networking. (This is your opportunity to give a more rounded picture of you as a candidate. If you have several pieces of information to convey, use two paragraphs or bullet points to break up the text.)

I would be delighted to discuss my application further at an interview. Please contact me on (phone number) or at (email address) if you need any additional information. (Make it as easy as possible for people to get in touch with you.)

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely

John Brown

Download general cover letter template example in PDF.

General Cover Letter Template

Don’t forget job application letters can be as important as CV’s, so take extra care when writing your letter. You can of course use somebody professional however it’s best to use examples and write your own letter. We have hundreds of them which you can download and study on your computer.

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