Customer Services Assistant Job Description

Job description of a Customer Services Assistant. Find out how to become a Customer Services Assistant. Average salary figures are also available.

Entry Requirements

A minimum of five GCSEs including Maths and English may be asked for, and it may also boost your chances of starting a career as a Customer Services Assistant by doing an NVQ Level 2 or 3 in Customer Services. Experience will be more essential than qualifications, however, and you will need to show that you have excellent customer services skills and interpersonal skills. You could have previously worked in a customer facing environment such as in a shop, or you could also draw on extracurricular activities such as leading a Scouts group or organising charity events. Employers will be looking for evidence of teamwork, somebody who is well presented and a person who can think on their feet when it comes to problem solving.

Job Description

A Customer Services Assistant will help customers by providing advice and help throughout their experience of the company whether it’s in a busy retail store or a bank. You will be giving customers information about products and services, and highlighting unique selling points of products and any discounts. There is a sales element to this, so sales or profit related bonuses are common. You will also be responding to customer complaints and maybe handling returns or exchanges in a diplomatic manner. As a member of staff in a customer facing role at all times, you will need to be smartly dressed and well mannered at all times. A Customer Services Assistant may be involved with promotions or special events, or handling customer queries over the telephone and e-mail. Specialist product knowledge will be essential in handling all different types of customer queries. Related: Customer Services Assistant Cover Letter

Working Hours

Working hours will vary widely depending on the type of business and their opening hours. A Customer Services Assistant working in a retail store may be working a shift pattern across weekdays and weekends, or a Customer Services Assistant that is mainly telephone based may also work late into the evening. Flexitime and part-time positions are usually available.

Skills and Training Development

A good Customer Services Assistant will be friendly and willing to help with all manner of customer queries, and won’t shy away from finding the solution to difficult problems. You will need to be polite and tactful because you will encounter a variety of people from different backgrounds. You will also need good written skills and numeracy skills, particularly if handling money. A good way to start off in this role is as a trainee, and your skills will develop from there so there will be the opportunity to progress to Customer Services Assistant and then on to Customer Services Team Leader. Taking on managerial responsibilities will give you transferable skills that you can take to any industry as a Team Leader or Manager.


A trainee assistant can earn between £8,000 and £10,500 a year, and this can rise to between £9,000 and £13,000 a year as a Customer Services Assistant. For those looking at a Team Leader role later down the line, your pay will rise further.

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